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August 27 2008

Wordballoon podcast interviews Brad Meltzer. He discusses among his various projects, his upcoming arc in Buffy Season 8.

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Boourns audio interviews.

Me like text!
No spoilers, so you can remove the warning if you so desire. He just talks about how he is writing at the ending of the series and why that's a challenge but also a good thing. The interviewer also compares Meltzer's Book of Fate to the last episode of Angel.

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There is a long dormant .org thread on Season 8 songs. It occurred to me during the last two issues that we are indeed approaching what I think of as a McLachlan Moment. Meaning something truly heartbreaking is coming.
I'll recap in text for the audio-disinclined.

Working on Buffy Season 8 is a geek's dream come true. All he can say about it is his part comes at the end of Season 8, and being able to write it has been spectacular and exciting beyond what he can express... but it also means he took a blood oath and can't give anything away. He didn't recall issue #s off the top of his head (he thinks the penultimate issue is his last) but referenced the master wipe-off board in Joss's head again.

So it's very similar to what he said in the Wizard interview.
Thanks for my daily dose of audio heartbreak, Pointy.
Someone pass on the message to Joss that he has to write the finale
I am off the "has to" bandwagon. The comics the Demon Writer has overseen but not written by BKV and Not Fake Drew have kicked, so I'm up for a finale by a Mutant Pal.
Someone pass on the message to Joss that he has to write the finale

I think his sense of awesome is pretty good at self-directing. I wouldn't mess with it. Also what Pointy said except I'll add a blasphemous comment to the effect that I actually enjoyed Brian K. Vaughan and Drew Goddard's arcs the most so far. He's not exactly tapping so-so writers to fill in, here.
This seems the best place to note that Brad Meltzer is scheduled to appear at the National Book Festival in Washingon, DC September 27th.

ETA: Also Neil Gaiman, and apparently Dionne Warwick has a children's book out now.

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