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August 27 2008

Return of the Frog. Buffy, Angel and Firefly are now available to watch on (if you live in the States that is).

Sadly, unless I'm very much mistaken, Hulu currently scoops them on all three shows. Unless they're interface is being ungodly-awful, it looks like they have only the first five episodes of each, whereas Hulu has two seasons of Buffy, one of Angel, and all of Firefly. Though, I suppose it's possible this has something to do with trouble launching.

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Liked the Buffy photo gallery. Ah...memories.
I wonder if they will show the original promos for the shows.
Maratanos, there's a full season of Veronica Mars available, so it does in fact look like this is a half-hearted, disappointing launch, as opposed to something that will be able to compete with Hulu. Now, there's no advertising yet either, so they're obviously still working things out, and we have to hope it can get better, but, not an encouraging launch. Here's a link to an interview done with one of TheWB's PR reps. Screams to me of "I don't want to tell you any more than I have to" which is not encouraging.
Sorry, I'm missing the bacon here.
It's nice that Btvs & Angel episodes are going to be available somewhere for fans who don't own the DVDs yet.

I will never forgive them for cancelling Angel

Ditto. If it was raining fire and hell was frozen over, I still wouldn't click on that.
Gods, Smidge was so dewy the first season.
Ugh. One of the things I love about Hulu is that it's a fairly simple design- black and white and grey for the color scheme, nice and neutral. This purple and orange and blue layout? No.

I also like that it gives you related clips in the suggestions- watching Veronica Mars doesn't mean I'm interested in The O.C. or Friends...

Eh, I think I'll just go get the DVDs.
"Dewy" ?

Something called "" still exists ?
dewy = fresh-faced, youthful-looking (of course she was only 19 then so it's to be expected but still it floors me soemtimes)
I will never forgive them for cancelling Angel
Ditto. If it was raining fire and hell was frozen over, I still wouldn't click on that.

Double ditto. May they crash and burn.
Oh, found it! Silly thing was just sitting there, nearly tripped over it! Now, where were we?
Remember on The Simpsons, the frog is on the tv, singing, "We're proud to present on the WB another bad show that no-one will seeeeee... ah, I need a drink."

That was in 1997, though, probably before Buffy turned things around for them.
Yep, bad frog! Evil frog. Mind thinking through walls frog!

Ah, did I forget anything?
YAAY! I'm glad to have it, but it's painfully slow. Also, I'm suprised that they don't have all the seasons for buffy and angel up yet!
Weird. They provide links for streaming episodes on other sites -- like Chuck which is on NBC of course.
Chuck is on NBC, but it's a Warner Bros show. The network no longer exists, but the company does.
Man, I forgot how studly Xander was back in the day. I mean, he still is, but they played him more as a stud back in high school than after he graduated.

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