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August 27 2008

NBC orders full season of "Chuck". The network is giving an early vote of confidence to "Chuck," picking up the back nine episodes of the sophomore series. The Adam Baldwin spy/comedy returns to the air on September 29th in the US.

I love me some Chuck.
That's great news, it really is a fun show to watch and Adam is just perfect in it.
Quite surprising, but very welcome news, Chuck was my favourite new show from last season. However, if the ratings are poor, I'm sure NBC won't hesitate to pull the plug before all 22 episodes are shot.
I am doing the happy dance right now. More Adam! Yay!
This was one of our favorite shows the past season.

If the amount of promotion is any indication then it looks like the network is behind the show. Hopefully a good sign, as is the go ahead for more episodes.
Let us all hope that Nielson viewers are now sick of dancing celebrities... Please?

Yay, Adam! I now need to rewatch every episode on every DVD I have with him in it... Firefly, Angel, X Files, and that NCIS ep! :)
Oh I love this show, thanks in large part to the fact that they are really using Adam Baldwin like they should, like the way Joss knew to: Adam can be a lot more than just big and threatening, he can be hilarious!
Never watched it, guess I better.
Yesss!!! I agree, this was definitely the best new show last season. Itís contagiously fun.
Chuck ++

I was very skeptical about this series; the initial premise struck me as being "Hollywood computers". The premise is still beyond silly, but I don't care, as the characters are great escapist fun.
Of all of the new shows that I gave a good try that year, this was the one that I continued to look forward to and consistently watch. Great show. But were we worried about it already? I didn't know that.
Awesome show, awesome cast supported awesomely, not the guy who plays Awesome (though he is, know ;-) but by Adam! :-)
You know that come January, Chuck will be on opposite Dollhouse.
That's why they make dual-drive DVRs. And in my low-tech case, cheap VCRs.
I watched pieces of one or two episodes, but hadn't have the time to really sit down and follow it. But it's the definitely on my to-watch list.

Anyway, more Adam on tv is always a good thing.
I had a ball watching this show last season and I talked about it enough to get my wife and a few others interested in it. caught my attention when you said it was going to be on opposite dollhouse.

For those that are into comics they recently put out a 5 or 6 series run of chuck. I have not seen it yet but I'm trying to get my hands on it. Should be fun.
I thought Chuck got picked up for a second season like aaaaages ago? Wasn't it even posted here? I'm sure that's where I saw it posted.
This is good news indeed. It was Pushing Daisies that I was really anticipating last year, but Chuck ended up being the "must see" show for me. I'm really glad to see NBC giving it a whole season at such an early date.

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