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August 28 2008

SFX previews S2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer on the cover and a six page feature inside. Dollhouse and Chuck are also featured, on a smaller scale, in their look ahead to the new season.

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Oooh, awesome - I only buy SFX occasionally, I think this will have to be one of those occasions!
Heh, nice picture. Would that be a Colt .45 long slide auto with laser tahhhgetting by any chance ? ;)
Nice catch, Saje.
Used to have that poster growing up, I think it's kind of burned into my brain ;).
Looking forward for this series to continue.

BTW, Saje, rocket launchers are the name of the game:)
That cover is hot!

I hope my local comicshop carries it.
BTW, Saje, rocket launchers are the name of the game:)

Yeah but it's "just what you see on the shelf, pal" ;).
Madhatter, Air Force guy - rocket launchers are not good at near close range. Think about it ;).
Either the cover picture is flopped, or Summer had that mole taken care of.
Another possibility is that it was "cleaned up" in pre- press. Can't check it very easily now as am on bus, but likely. Happens all-too frequently, IMO.
Summer's face has very clearly been touched up, i'd go further than QuoterGal and say it happens not just all-too frequently but all the time nowadays. I suspect you'd be very hard-pressed to find a magazine cover (featuring people) that hasn't had blemishes removed, skin-tone smoothed etc. From tiny things like moles all the way up to Kate Winslet style hip reductions, nose narrowing or eye mirroring to increase bilateral symmetry.
If anyone seriously thinks that Summer needs "touching up", we are all doomed to Nip/Tuck land. (Not to do the deed personally, but doomed to never see a photo of what a "celebrity" looks like in reality.)
Yay for fan photos at conventions, real people looking like real people and still gorgeous, just not "air-brushed perfection", to which .... eeew, anyhow.
I do worry about that mole though. On BluRay I can't stop looking at it to see if it has two shades. Same problem with the new Batman and that lump by his right eye.

But I agree natural is better and NEEDED for us to remain human.

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