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August 28 2008

Exclusive Serenity Comic Heading to DragonCon. Only 300 of these variant covers will be available at Dragon Con so anyone who wants to get one is advised to buy it quickly.

All proceeds to Kids Need to Read. This is the same cover that was sold at Comic-Con.

Double post! Which one will be deleted? The first one? Or this one with a little more info?

I will avoid work until the questions have been answered. :)
/sadface. Mine was deleted! But, I admit, this one is has more info.
On topic comment: This is awesome! I love that every penny goes to KNTR. Get your copy before it's gone!
Damn, I missed the playground thread.
Hooray for me! (Sorry Chewy!) I did try to include more info for those without the time to click on the links. Danregal, are these all unsigned?
As if I needed to gnash my teeth anymore over missing DragonCon this year, ya'll go and spring this on me too. Drats! ;)

I'll just have to be happy knowing that my beautiful Whedonverse and BSG are in my town. And the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful here this weekend! Welcome to Atlanta all you out of towners. You'll love our traffic. :)
Yes, they are all unsigned. But it's very convenient that so many of the Firefly/Serenity cast are going to be there. :)
Ooooh. I've got a friend going to DragonCon, I'll need to see if she might pick up a copy for me.
Yes! I'm at dragon*con right now and I've been meaning to check out the Better Days comics anyway. =)
Cheers to all at Dragon*Con, have a great time!

Seeing as I am playing mule on behalf of the CA Browncoats and taking half of the comics out there?

Does that mean I can ask Mr. Fillion to sign?

Because that'd be a sweet perk.

heh, sure you can ask. Although I don't think he knows details about getting the comics to DC, so it probably won't help. You'd be just another fan asking for an autograph until you explained your role in getting the comics there.

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