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August 28 2008

Brian Lynch answers YOUR questions at SlayAlive. Mr. Lynch started a Q&A thread inspired by working on an upcoming "Angel" issue. Jump in and get your questions answered

A moderator is even hanging out to approve you if you need to register to ask your question while Brian is still available.

"Brian: Angel's gonna face-off against Nick from MOONLIGHT and beat the crap outta him. He'll spare Nick's best friend because he was so good on VERONICA MARS."
Brian always give GREAT Q&A!
Nice Q&A! It's times like this that I love the Internet. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and talk to your fans.

And not to sound like a total kiss butt; could you please decide if Spike rides a sports bike or a cruiser. As a motorcycle guy, the switch in Spike ATF2 drove me nuts!

Loved everything else.
LOL embers. Sigh, I miss Logan.

I always have a great time reading Mr. Lynch. :)

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