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August 29 2008

Angel: After the Fall #12 is out next week. According to Brian Lynch's blog, the next issue of Angel is out next week. The same day as Buffy Season 8 #18.

Actually out in the States on the 4th cause of Labor Day. And more importantly my wedding anniversary.
Congrats, Simon!

And gee, I love it when Buffy and Angel arrive the same day.
i can't wait to see what happens with gwen!
Congrats, Simon!

My comic book guy said to come in on Thursday for both, too.

But, seriously, I'm about to close the page on After the Fall with this issue, unless it really engages me...not enamoured of it at all. Hate to say it, but there you are.
Two issues of Angel and 1 of Buffy for me, unless I go get #17 tonight....kinda in synch with ya there ChrisVA
It's going to be amazing. Both series are good, but I'm going to definitely read ANGEL first. It's just been so consistently great. I'm a bit scared to read Buffy #18. I loved Buffy #16, but #17 was a disappointment. Not a bad issue, but about three steps down from the wonderful #16. Oh well. I'll enjoy them both. Just ANGEL moreso. :]
I just read #12. That writing was incredibly good. Still not satisfied with the art though. Gwen looks like a guy. And everybody's faces look kind of weird


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