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August 29 2008

Your own disposable slayer. Build your own papercraft slayer.

This site is dedicated to papercraft figures of all sorts. Now including Buffy.

I think the whole concept of Buffy doesn't lend itself well to stuff like this -- at the root of it, she's just a girl. Maybe the stake helps. However, some of the other figures rock! I'm not a big Star Wars fan but I so want my own little stormtrooper!
Yep, that is the scariest Buffy likeness I have seen to date. I guess I was mistaken in what papercraft means. And now I know. Vividly.
The scariest thing is, it's not actually the worst likeness i've ever seen.

Agreed, not a great fit for the Buffster but the Stormtrooper, Mr StayPuft and Dr Zoidberg were pretty cool. And Dr Manhattan and Two-face both made me smile, incongruous but cool ;).
And this is a perfecto medium for Modok
I thought the likeness was pretty good for what it was. I built one for my coworker's daughter (I made them both Whedon devotees).
*adding paperdolls to the list of "Things that make me do a Distasteful Squint at"*
This makes me love my fandom even more. I love stuff like this. Kudos to the person who came up with it.
Yes, kudos. I just don't like dolls. *shivers*

Hmmm... maybe I have an allergy to creativity.
For a second, I thought the 'Dwight' next to her was Giles, then was sorely disappointed.
Buffy (and Dexter) not so much; Hellboy and Gir, shiny.
Gives a whole new meaning to "blockhead."

Ducks and runs
Gosh. I'm glad some of you like it, anyway. And Swanjun, Giles is coming.
I don't think it's a case of not liking it, stphjay, at least for me anyway. It's more that Buffy doesn't have any superhero-ish attributes that make her stand out from the crowd (except maybe the stake). If you had pointed out that pic with no title and asked me who it was, I would've been at a loss to choose from the hundreds of blonde characters I've seen in series and movies. In other words, the craftsmanship is great, it's just that the character doesn't lend itself well to caricature. If that makes sense.
stphjay I downloaded & made the TARDIS. 'cause...hey - Whoians need their big blue box. Only thing I might've tweaked, if at all possible, would be making the light three-dimensional instead of just folded over. Might be tricky w/something that small, though.

Last year around Christmas I bought a village phonebooth and painted it thunder blue as soon as I got it out of the packaging. I'm going to have to sculpt over the windows, though, because they are full length on two sides; the back wall is solid, and the door is only a single, but it's close enough. Plus? Phone inside. :-D

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