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August 29 2008

Dr. Horrible Sings Again, Gets Moist. Doc-ish news on the soundtrack release date and more moist comics, which is so hard. And moist.

Just in time for my bday! Yay! :)

(Shouldn't there be a comma or two in those tags, QG?)
Added commas (he said, ironically in a sentence fragment).
“All of the Evil League of Evil characters have elaborate and hilarious backstories,” Whedon said. “You could even do one about the groupies in an Archies comics style. Anyone who is seen in the web musical is a candidate for an eight-page comic in my book.”

Made. Of. Awesome.
Look, a new Whedon: Zed :D


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Oh good choice Young Zack Whedon, Moist is totally moist and at least semi-hard ... Firm, I meant firm. More comicy goodness can only be yay-worthy.

(and I hate to be a broken record but I really hope they do some magic with the soundtrack so that it's a) ideally, available from non-iTunes, b) at least available on iTunes UK on or around the 2nd. Or worst case scenario, just set up a PayPal button or something so I can, ahem, pursue other avenues but still do the decent thing. Not being able to pay is starting to make me feel icky)
Yay for September 2! That's, like, Tuesday. Also, ‘Moist: Humidity Rising' is pure genius. As would be an Archie-styled comic about the groupies.
Ooops, yah, thanks, zeitgeist, I musta been in a com(m)a - I plugged my tags in sorta ClaimID-style, and not whedonesque-ally.

Re: Zed - so, yeah, have they built a new Whedon-brother? With all the work they're doing, that just makes good sense.

ELoE-centric comics make me happy, and soundtracks/ELoE applications - the whole ball of wax maketh me happy.
"The promised soundtrack (...) will be downloadable on iTunes as of September 2..."

This is scaring me.
The DVD should include the complete Whedon genome so we can grow our own storytellers. (Just saw TItan A.E. for the first time -- awesome!)
Nah, save it for the two-disc set, it's sure to catch double dippers and evil cloning geniuses.
I'm excited for the comics! If Zack slaves enough, we can collect our very own Dr. Horrible hard cover! (Wow, a year ago that sentence would NOT have made me happy... "comics? Pfft." Man, times ure have changed. :))

What was wrong with the songs as they were on the DVD? I thought they sounded fine. Must have lost my ears.

Zed- a Zack/Jed robot programmed to do their bidding while they're off writing our happy new Fox shows. :)

Also, hello everyone! If feels like forever since I've been on. What's it been... 3 days? 4?? I feel like I just found my torso again.
Their HTML on the link to send Bad Horse email is broken.
Here's hoping for an international release of the soundtrack on the same day.
It's funny, when they sent me my bday greeting on myspace, I commented back that I hoped I'd be able to buy myself the soundtrack as a bday present. They must've known!! :D Now if they could just get those Tee designs to Jinx...
Hey, where's that sequel?
BTW, Happybirthday, cabri!

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Happy Birthday, cabri!
Does anyone know if there is going to be a CD release of the soundtrack? If not, can you play ITunes on a Zune? Or are you allowed to burn ITune songs to a CD?
Oh, and Happy Birthday Cabri!!!
I hope those iTunes tracks will be non-DRM'd! I refuse to buy DRM infested music. Please.... release on CD, and open MP3 through Amazon as well. I don't mind paying, just not from iTunes. I don't own and do not plan to own an iPod either.
Speaking of which, when will the "Dr. Horrible" DVD be released? Is there a date?
I think it is a safe bet that when there is major news like a DVD you are not somehow going to miss it.
Hehe, thanks everyone, it's not until next week but I appreciate it. :) I think Doc Horrible went through and did bday comments for all of September or something like that.
Well, we welcome it anyway, cabri.
bix, a simple "No' would've suffice. What has gotten into you?
If you wandered the site for bit, you'd find that "if there'd been news on that you would not have to ask about it" is my standard response when it happens to be the relevant response. For years.
"That job would be writing for J.J. Abrams’ new television show “Fringe” and writing “Fringe” comics..."

WTF? Did I miss something?

ETA - er wait, they're talking about Zack? Heh, should read more carefully next time :)

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DVD before Christmas.

The sequel was mentioned above "Moist: Humidity Rising" ;) <--wink wink
Tuesday??? *SQUEEEEELS
The Fringe starts on 9/9/2008 on Fox.
Yay! That is exciting news! A Soundtrack! And I love Moist! This should keep me happy for a while. :)
I don't mind paying, just not from iTunes.

Some music on iTunes doesn't have DRM. Look for music that is labeled "iTunes Plus".
Per drhorrible on twitter, it is supposed to be Jed, not an affectionate British nickname for Zack. ;) Their announcement of the link is only, what, 8 hours after Whedonesque's? Nobody beats Whedonesque for Whedon news, not even Whedons!
Well, you know, there's more of us than there are of them.

We could totally take them in a fight.

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Hey, this news was actually announced on my 18th birthday (8/29). All of this makes me quite happy. :-D
Here's hoping for an international release of the soundtrack on the same day.

Don't count on it. If the Australia is any indication.
iTunes Australia does not even have the video yet.
I can't see that they will have the soundtrack as a
same day release internationally. Apple is terrible
at international distribution.
Doc says International release of the video is coming soon. Which means I guess before Christmas.
If you wandered the site for bit, you'd find that "if there'd been news on that you would not have to ask about it" is my standard response when it happens to be the relevant response. For years.

Bix, I'm not a Mod, but I'm studying to be one. I think you just broke rule 47 regarding unnecessary condescending behavior towards others.
Happy Un-Birthday, UnpluggedCrazy!
Yep, happy un-birthday indeed UpC. 18, blimey. What's on the horizon then, college ? Work ? (Hint: choose college ;)

(and happy un-birthday the other way cabri ;)
Thanks, QuoterGal, Pointy, and Saje! What is on the horizon? Well, I've been trying to get a job for a while now, but next year I start production as executive producer/actor on a no-budget indie flick, and after that, however long it takes, I shall prep my directorial debut. A struggle it shall be, but it is one struggle I'm actually looking forward to.

Oh, and QG, that image kind of melts my heart. ;-)

Not to make this thread go even more off-topic, but my best friend gave me a copy of the "Chosen" script signed by Joss, et. al. today. She is so awesome. :-D
Sept 2nd is my birthday! This is an awesome birthday present!

But! I don't like to use iTunes. If it was a physical release, then it'd be perfect. Guess it will have to be a late birthday present (from me to me).
It would be really nice for there to be a legitimate way for people to watch it outside of USA/Can. Hulu appears to be closed to us now. And no iTunes. When will the geographical fascism end! (sob)

(and yeah yeah yeah, hotspot shield, but try sorting it out on the fly while babysitting for 2)
About Hotspot shiled, I don't have a problem with installing it (even with the extremely annoying ads) to watch it, but how to convince someone to watch it like that? I mean... it's already hard to pitch it 'A web-musical about a low budget super villian', and then u have to add 'and hey, you'll have to install this annoying thing on your computer to watch it!'. Quite impossible, unless the person is a Whedon Fan.

For the soundtrack, there are a LOT of countries that don't even have a iTunes store yet. So... without the actual cd to import, there just not possible to get it legally.

I REALLY hope they realease the cd. I WANT to give them money. I don't care if its released later, that's fine... but this not knowing if it will happend or not it's killing me.
Succatash, I need the ISBN of that book . . . (been asking for the manual, and now I see why I never got one). :-)
Well, maxsummers, I got a copy on cd so I can show it to people, since simply telling "watch dr horrible" usually isnt enough.people are lazy, but when a copy is right there, they usually say ok and are soon converted.

I guess I'll watch Fringe now.I saw the pilot and wasn't terribly impressed, but if Zach's gonna be working on it,I'll give it another chance
okelay, yeah, I know that.
But then again, I can't really get a legal copy of it. Not until the dvd is out.
Canada can't watch it on Hulu any more, either - not for weeks. :( I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll be able to download the music, because if it is iTunes Plus, then I won't, as my computer is too old to update the software (which is why I can't download DHSAB!)

I am, however, still singing the songs over and over as the visuals play in my head. Did that sound weird?
Nevermind. I had to refresh my memory. Stupid memory.

Nevermind again. Man, I'm really off my game today.

I'll give Finge a chance. I watched the pilot, and it took a while for me to really get into it, but I really enjoyed the chemistry of those once it did find its grounding. If I get hooked into the first 2 months, I'll stick it out for the year. Hope there's more chemistry. :) I love the old man!

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Joss said he hopes to have a soundtrack cd at some point.
Joss said he hopes to have a soundtrack cd at some point.

When/Where did he say that?
I think it was in an to search...
That'd be good news. I'm still really hoping for a soundtrack CD with booklet and artwork... I just basically want to hold it in my hands while listening to it.

Also, it's really confusing after years and years of reading Joss Whedon interviews, seeing his brothers getting quoted as just "Whedon". But I do like that we have more of 'em now (not that they didn't exist before, of course ;)).
Can't find an article. I really remember reading it somewhere...Grrr Arrgh!

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