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August 29 2008

Website on Juliet Landau's film about Gary Oldman is running. Juliet's film about Oldman, "Take Flight", looks at how he made a music video for a Jewish Hip Hop band called Chutzpah, filming only with Nokia cell phones. It started as a "behind the scenes" film, but it also looks at his creative process. This is also her directoral debut. There are interviews with Juliet and her crew, and a trailer.

It will be shown September 13th at the Hollywood Hill's BigBrainBoy's Mobile Media Summit.

We got to see the film at the "Chosen" con earlier this year, it was thoroughly entertaining. I've been waiting for a chance to get hold of it. Hopefully once they've done this screening it will become available in some format.
Yeah, it's now six months later and I'm still singing the damn song!
Hey, where's the link to the video about Juliet Landau making a video about Gary Oldman making a video?
I don't have the link but I have a video of it.
How you got that would make a great video!
Yeah, someone should link to it ;).
I remember reading about this in the late Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Magazine. She mentioned seeking directing advice from other Whedon vets, including Amber Benson and J. August Richards. She seems both quite nice and quite talented; I'm glad to see that the project's getting some exposure.

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