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August 30 2008

Felicia Day Singing at PAX08! Felicia Day sang Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" (from Portal) with the singer/songwriter/cewebrity.

You can kind of hear her over the crowd sometimes :P

Beat me by two minutes, but this video is better quality anyway. =)
On twitter Sandeep said she got surprised by a trio of mustachioed men who popped up behind her and sang the Bad Horse song. Would've loved to see that!
THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!
Who cares if the cake is a lie? Felicia Day is the one holding you against your will!
So it is true that all of the Nerd Powers of Awesome converge at PAX.
I do love that song. Her voice is on top form as well. I wonder if we can get her saying "would you kindly"?
That is made of win!

(But it's Coulton, not Coulter... for those looking for nits to pick. ;)
Well, i loved Felicia anyway, but now i love her more.

I'm going to go twitter at her.

Which sounds vaugely dirty, but it isn't.

(Although on her forums we did decree that all of the british may call a "Tweet" a "Twit" so i guess i'm really off to Twit her... which now sounds vaugely offensive :D)

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That was lovely. Now maybe some of the people who thought Felicia's voice was too 'light' in Dr. Horrible will realise that she was singing in Penny's voice on purpose.

I'd also like to see a video of Felicia being 'Bad Horsed'. :D
Made of fried win i'd hazard. Very, very cool and her voice sounded plenty strong there to silence the odd Dr Horrible performance naysayer. But i'd still love to hear her rockin' out, i'd totally have been shouting 'Mandelbrot Set' for the encore ;).

Felicia Day is the one holding you against your will!

I think that may be a contradiction in terms ;).
Awesome! I read about this on her twitter, but never thought I'd get a chance to see it.
Much much Felicia Day love here. She's so talented, and is such a lovely person.
Had posted this on her FF comments, but here it is again, for those of you not following her there...

Video of this also here
and here
and here
and here
and here

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So, what exactly is a Jonathan Coulton and why should I be all fanboy about him the way everyone I come across seems to be?
Wow. Bits of me go a long long way when I explode with glee.

J. Coulton, by the way, is a singer/songwriter on nerd topics. Classics include "The Future Soon," "Code Monkey" and "Skullcrusher Mountain."
And if you haven't already done it, play the Game called "Portal" The song is from that game. One of the best and funniest games I've ever played.

and it's on sale for only $9.99 on Steam this weekend.
Well, this will be the day we'll look back on as when 'Fansgasm' was totally redefined. Felicia is a goddess, and Portal rules.
I can't wait til 2010, when 1) I get married and 2) PAX comes to Boston.
Can't wait until PAX East coast.
Felicia Day plus portal and my day is already off to a great start. Please assume the party escort submission position.
That was amazing. I never would have expected to see such a thing, but it makes perfect sense.

And anyone who doesn't have Portal yet should buy it right away while it's half off ($9.99):

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