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August 30 2008

Bad Horse Chorus surprises Felicia Day. Just what it says. Happened in Seattle at this year's Penny Arcade Expo. ETA this report from them what did it.

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That is some distilled awesome right there. I love how they just sidled up to her and BAM, you got Bad Horse'd!
That is so fucking awesome. Felicia Day is having the best PAX ever.
Not only sidled up, but immediately walked away when they were done.
That would have scared me half to death. Felicia is so cool.
That is extremely awesome.
That was some bad ass horsing around! Love Felicia and this fandom. Classic teehee moment. Made my Day!
I think they've helped define what classic "Bad Horsing" should be - you know, if Rickrolling as an institution is tricking someone into clicking onto the vid of "Never Gonna Give You Up," then "Bad Horsing" should be handing the Bad Horsee an ELoE letter, singing that particular "Bad Horse" selection and leaving immediately.

Of course, these are some really big horseshoes to fill. These guys set the bar for "Bad Horsing" really high, and created a standard by which all subsequent "Bad Horsing" will be judged.
QuoterGal, I think you have a great idea there. I love the way that Felicia not only went along with it, but added her own touches to being the "Bad Horsee". It's going to be hard for anyone to beat that, too. ;)

I've watched it three times already. It makes my heart sing - I do love this fandom.
They really did set the bar high, in fact i'd say there're a few bars with one of those little hedge things at the top for any future 'Bad Horse'ers to jump.

And I liked the way they left immediately, just like the actual chorus (or as close as you can get when you have to walk away rather than just step out of frame ;).

And yep, Felicia was clearly a bit embarrassed but totally went with it, good work all round.
That was awesome to wake up to.
Horribliciousnessly awesome. I cackled with delight when I first saw the tweet from @sandeepparikh, and was so hoping somebody got it on video. I love how they set it up with a fake letter. Hats off to those guys. Brilliant! Hope they had a big bouncy mug of microbrew to celebrate.

ETA: just to add, I found a nice Pennycentric DrH fanvid I hadn't seen before. NSFBBH

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AlanD on 2008-08-31 12:07 ]
This made me laugh. A lot. Brilliant.
So funny. And I will never get tired of that song. Even though I have it as the ringtone on my phone.
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I want to cry tears of awesome from this.
You have to love a world where one can live in secret fear/hope of being 'bad horsed'.

Can't wait for then to get Joss!
Such fun. Good costumes, great singing and walking away must have been difficult for them to do but was the perfect final touch. Kudos to whoever they were.
I presume that from now on any Doctor Horrible alum making a public appearance will be scanning the crowd for people dressed as cowboys.
That was too cute, loved Felicia's face when she turned around :D
I wonder though what happened afterwards?
Truly awesome, and Felicia reacted perfectly.
Even though I have it as the ringtone on my phone.

What? How did this happen? I want!
That was Made. Of. Awesome. I mean, if awesome was thread, these guys would be master weavers. Apart from the walking away (which, perfect), I also have a lot of respect for them not cracking up. Seeing it go so perfectly would've made it hard to sing if that'd been me ;).

Anyway: loved. That. I do hope they "Bad Horse" more DHSAB peeps now :).
That was the most awesome thing that ever awesomed.
Gotta love this.
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Made my heart smile.
If you guys want to know a bit more about the situation and what happened after, there was a forum post by the "Bad Horsers" at
Added that link to this post.
They got Gabe and Tycho at the Q&A as well.
What I love most about this is that it's being done ambush-style at non-Horrible events. And that a lot of the people there seem to get it and love it immediately.

Where is this ringtone I hear tell of?
Just catching up after a computer-less weekend, sooooo glad I didn't miss this. As others have more creatively said: awesome. The walking away is totally the cherry on top. Great, great touch.

re: ringtone. There's no official ringtone out there, just people (including me) who manually produced mp3 files or some such to use on their phones. The twitter did mention that they're working on ringtones, maybe they'd be on the DVD. Oh, and here's a guy who made his own, not using the original sound.

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