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August 31 2008

The Buffy Home Theater Room. Two brothers have created a Buffyverse shrine/museum with over 40 props from Buffy and Angel on display.

They have a lot of stuff there. Not sure if that much cool stuff either side of the screen world distract me from what I'm watching.
And Monster Cables? Was that a joke? "Monster"? Get it? If not, what a waste of money. HDMI is digital, it either works or it doesn't. Spending a fortune of an expensive HDMI and expecting a better picture is like buying a solid gold USB cable and expecting better prints from your inkjet printer.
Do the ink cartridges have gold contacts ? Otherwise it's pointless.

(I never got that either but then i'm not an audiophile, guy I went to uni with swore up and down he could hear a difference with his gold connectors but we never tested it properly)

I don't really like anything beside the screen, especially not the full height of it but that's a hell of a collection of props etc. Kinda wondering what use they get from the prom dress though ;-).
It's not to my taste, but it's one hell of an impressive project.

Also, Buffy the dog is adorable but how do they avoid sitting on it? I'd be permanently terrified!
That's the color of my bedroom...

And kudos for supporting Manchester United!
I am eagerly awaiting my invitation to their next movie screening :)
A pretty fun setup. I've heard that Monster cables really don't amount to much more than a higher price tag, but the cost of the cables is not really relevant in this type of setup. They'd be only a fraction of the overall cost (one of those chairs may have cost as much as the cables).

It's always strange (and envious) to see props easily recognized in private collections. I've always had this imagined idea that there's always some big warehouse filled with the things, rather than dispersed amongst the fandom.
Saje, there is a difference in analog cables and speaker cables where the quality of the cable, the connectors and the shielding matters, though I still think Monster is way overpriced and overrated, but HDMI no. The signal is a discrete number, it's either right or it isn't. If a 10 HDMI cable meets the HDMI standard then that's it. You can't improve a number.
I'll give this chap the benefit of the doubt and assume he was making a joke about "monster" and the monsters in the room.

Imagine if you fell asleep in one of those comfy chairs and woke up forgetting where you are and seeing one of those figures staring at you... Eeeek!
I wish that were my room.
Wow! Where did he get all this stuff? How did he even find out it was for sale? Those full-size demons? The Snake Lady? The Loan Shark? The bridesmaid dress?

Those are some hard-core props (Sweet's scroll? - WOW), and costumes. Wish there was more on the brothers. I'd like to know who they know and how they acquired all this GREAT stuff!
Yeah, I think it's cool. I wish I had a screening room. I don't have props and such. But I do have a lot of Serenifly, Star Wars, and Logan's Run stuff I could put up. It would be my hideout.
This is very cool, I'll bet even Joss would be jealous of his great collection!
That has to be the best Buffy prop collection in existence.

I'd kill for just one of those.
I'm not sure I could concentrate with that bridesmaid's dress in the room. It's pretty scary.
Love that they're watching Chuck in the pictures!
I am soooo jealous. I agree w/Alex. Best collection ever.
The signal is a discrete number, it's either right or it isn't. If a 10 HDMI cable meets the HDMI standard then that's it. You can't improve a number.

What about if you had a cable that went up to 11 ?

(good point, don't know much about the HDMI standard but if it has an error tolerance specified that any HDMI cable has to meet then yeah, you're spot on, it's 1 or 0 within that margin)
What about if you had a cable that went up to 11 ?

Well, then it would be one louder.
Ya'll are killing me. Faced with all these amazing relics from the best show in the history of television, and you're talking about cables. :D
it's neat but not my taste. i really do like the set up.
Love the screening room and color. Looks like a lot of hard work went into it. But the accoutrement would drive me absolutely batty while trying to watch movies.
Cool home theater, great collection, and how cute is that tiny little Buffy pup? So adorable!
That last picture is very LOLDogs; "I haz pepsi?"

Anyway, fantastic room. Would love one of those myself one day. But for now I am alas a poor student.
Nice props but this guy seriously borders on stalker. I'd be afraid if I was Joss & co.
That is an amazing collection! Very, very cool. I hope he has great insurance.
Absolutely love the props. I have a few myself, but not as many as this. It is fabulous! Love Xander's leaf shirt from OMWF, that is a real coo.
I've seen this collection before and I have to agree - probably the best ever!

I'd like to think that I'm in the top 5 as far as Buffy prop collections are concerned. Although I 'do' have something that these guys don't have - a wife who limits the amount of genre material that I can hang on the wall. :)

About half of my Buffy props can be seen at

PS - What's with the Monster Cable? Shouldn't they be using Vampire Wire?

-William Berube

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