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August 31 2008

Eureka writer praises Buffy season 8. Eric Wallace says "this is one of the BEST COMIC BOOKS out there today!". And if you're a fan of Eureka, you might want to read Eric's thoughts on why he wanted the season 3 opener to be more like the Buffy episode 'Anne' (and how this got shot down).

I'd probably say it's one of the best comic books out there, too, if I read any others (besides Angel: After the Fall, of course :) As seasons go, comparing it to the TV series, all the "episodes" (both single issues and four-issue arcs) have been on the mighty side of strong.
I really like the sound of that fear episode, shame they apparently couldn't fit it into season 3 somewhere. The opener was OK not brilliant IMO, saw the end coming about half-way through but still nicely acted etc. And recent events have only bolstered my pet theory that all sci-fi shows converge on the "groundhog day" episode, it's like a rites of passage or something (liked it, surprising ending - though it did maybe remind me of 'Window of Opportunity' a bit too much). In fact, have we had a body swap episode yet on 'Eureka' ? Could be time ;).

Fargo's developing a bit this year which is cool, Carter's still played with a nice laid back comic balance and if it's sometimes a little bit "and what have we all learned" by the end of each episode it's still a great, fun, funny, light but (at its best) emotionally involving show.

(I wonder who would have been 'Anne' in the 'Eureka' version ? Henry ?)
As for Season 8, I think the best is yet to come. Things are starting to heat up in Buffy's world.
I think it's cool to see praise lavished on "Anne" as well, which is an episode that gets a fairly bad rap. I actually didn't like it much at all when I first saw it, either, but it's grown on me since.

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