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August 31 2008

Our own Mockingbird (aka K. Dale Koontz) made it into the latest issue of Slayage. I admit it. I'm not unbiased. I love Mockingbird... in a platonic-I'm-already-married kind of way of course. And I loved her presentation at this year's Slayage Conference. Now here it is on the Slayage Online Journal.

Anyone know a decent contact email for Slayage? "The Culture Pop Q & A with Joss Whedon" should read "CulturePulp" not "Culture Pop", as the site isn't called "Culture Pop".
Enjoyed Ananya Mukherjea's "When You Kiss Me, I Want To Die."
I wish some of the papers presented at the various conferences could be made available on line, to go along with the Slayage essays. Lots of intriguing titles.
Anyone know a decent contact email for Slayage?

Click on "Submissions" and you'll find the editors' e-mail addresses with an invitation to contact either or both of them with questions, which I guess would include corrections. I'm not sure who the webmaster is.
Thanks for that Haunt .... I think. Everytime I follow a Slayage link, I end up reading for an hour.
It happens I've never before read "The CulturePop Q&A with Joss Whedon" (erroneously titled or otherwise) and I found it to be one of the most fascinating Joss interviews ever. It didn't really matter that it was specifically about Serenity, I just loved the insight into his creative process.
Haunt, I'm glad you liked the presentation enough to think this was a worthy link!

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