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August 31 2008

Quickie reports from Dragon*Con sing-alongs. The first of what I assume will be at least several mentions of the Dr. Horrible and Buffy sing-along events from this weekend's festivities in Atlanta.

Well, you still came up with a tag.

Loved how they linked to Dr. Horrible and Jinx t-shirts and the 20 things I learned at Dragon Con link was a nice report too.
Poor Dawnie still gets no respect!
Buffy should yell out Hey she is my little sister...nobody gets to say that but me.
At Comic-Con, my response was to yell "shut up, Xander" when he tried to excuse the fact that it was all his fault. (I mean, they yell at Dawn when she CORRECTLY says it isn't HER fault -- so why aren't we yelling at Xander when he tries to excuse the fact that it's HIS?)
Maybe people should yell "We love you Dawn!" right after the shut up.
I appreciate the positive comments on Dawn and Michelle -- I agree that should be the new refrain "we love you Dawn."
The Sunday night Podcast track Dr. Horrible show was not good. I'm sticking with the Whedon track folks from here on out. Their shows are always entertaining and put on by true fans. Big cheers to the Buffy and Dr. Horrible crews!

This year's track seemed to go more smoothly than last year's track. Way to go team.
There were complaints about the lighting from the back of the room (people couldn't see the screen). We were moved by the PTB into a larger room about an hour before the performance and there were a lot of hiccups involved with the move and poor tech staff was not ready for it.

That said, we had a lot of positive feedback, and people have asked for us to do it again. So many people came we wound up doing two shows.
We were moved by the PTB into a larger room about an hour before the performance

Well, they freaked out because people started lining up four hours before the performance! We wound up having about 500+ people in line. The second room we were in sat about 360. We wound up having about 140 people at the second performance.

DragonCon rallied though - and special thanks to the staff members who stayed WAY later than they were supposed to so fans could watch. And thanks to the tech staff who made it work in a bigger room!
I don't want you to think it was terrible. It just got messed up. I liked the idea of the goody bags and they had some nice prizes.
They sure did have some nice prizes...that only the front half of the room was able to enter for. I'm sorry, but if you have a mess of great prizes (and they were), but not the ability to give everyone in the room a chance to win them, you're bound to draw some ire. Same with the bags. Do I have an answer about how to fix (with the exception of holding on to them for another time...not really). I did appreciate the effort. Any viewing of Dr. Horrible can't be all bad (expect for the drunk couple in front of me that gave up watching the show to scream nonsense at people behind them).

That being said, I had a blast at the Whedontrack shows, like I always do. Also, I got a bunny thrown directly in my face, know, win!
Yeah - we were planning on being in a room with only 100 chairs. So, of course, we had over 100 bags (just in case) but we were not planning on being in a room with nearly 400 people! (Plus a second show over over 100). Keeping 100 bags would have really meant throwing them out ('cuz I wasn't lugging them back to Los Angeles), wasting over $500 worth of stuff - and we had some wicked awesome people who deserved to have their stuff out there.

We could, of course, cut the line and only allowed the 100 people in, like we said we were when we announced. But we decided we'd rather run out of stuff than limit who got in. :)

A constructive way to help the ire is to email the PTB at DragonCon and tell them how much you loved all the screenings and you hope they're held in larger rooms so everyone can have a chance to experience Dr. Horrible (and so that people like me can plan for bigger numbers of people!)

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i absolutely loved the sing a longs. They were the best part of the whedonverse track for me.
I was able to go to BHPS, and as always, it was great. I saw the novice cast, even.

I am super proud of what Between The Lines Studios was able to pull off with a short notice room change, way more people than we expected and a hot room! People had fun, and myself and a few other ladies tried to keep the folks in the back entertained as we portayed homeless people, reporters and folks folding laundry. (We made sure everyone was singing along!)

After this debut performance, we'll be much better prepared for next year. Hope to see you there!
Next year the Whedon Universe Track will hold two Dr Horrible shows. Tentatively speaking one on Friday Night and one on Sunday Night. We'll make sure that we can accommodate 1500 or more people for each show. Any emails sent to the PTB at Dragon*Con will be most likely be forwarded right to me and I will work to make our two shows more phenomenal than the the one that we did on Friday night this year. Thanks for all those that braved the lines and attended. If you missed it please check out this link to our new MySpace page for highlights from the entire performance.

**Oh and for those hundreds of you in the crowd that were pelted with shrapnel shaped like mini Snickers when the death ray exploded.....well....we warned you ;-)

Wayne Hutchinson
Dragon*Con Staff
Whedon Universe Track Director
You guys were awesome, Wayne!
Wow, the BBTL version really was about the fan cast and not the mushortio itself. Look how tiny the screen was.

(I have no problem if you happen like fan cast-centric versions of sing-alongs. I just happen to dislike them. It's subjective. I cringe at the Whedon track version too, but at least the cast didn't seem to dominate the space.)

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Well, again - we were moved to that space. It wasn't our original room or screen. In both cases (Whedon Track and Podcasting Track) it's where the PTB of DragonCon put us.

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It was a good year to be a Whedon Fan this year as we seemed to get all the upgrades for every event. I can only hope for the same or better next year. We're already working on our 2 Dr Horrible shows for next year and we should have a much better offering with better props and costumes. No need to "cringe" bix. It's all for fun and not meant to be taken quite so seriously.

Wayne Hutchinson
Dragon*Con Staff
Whedon Universe Track Director

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