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September 01 2008

Wondering about a Whedon wedding. It seems Maurissa and Jed are tying the knot on April 18th.

I just saw this on Twitter. I would say that whether she becomes a Whedon is up to her, but isn't she already Whedonesque? She's been a part of this site since Dr. Horrible came out, so that makes her Whedonesque, although she needs to post here in a fancy colour to make it really official, I guess. ;)

Then there's the question of whether she's a Whedonite or a Whedoneer or Whedonist or any other of the names we came up with on a previous thread. :D
You Are Dumb calls us "Whedonoids," though the blogger wasn't exactly being affectionate when he did it. Snark is his middle name, but still... I'd use something else.

(I'd be interested in a link to the fan-terminology discussion, if anyone remembers it, pretty please!)

Last but not least: Congrats to the happy couple! May things go far more smoothly for them than any planned-by-Mal job. :^D
Darkest Wicca, although he was being snarky, I did find myself laughing. On the other hand, no, I don't want to be called a Whedonoid! Here's the recent thread I was thinking of, although there have been other discussions in the past.

And to keep it on topic, best wishes to Maurissa and Jed for the wedding day of their dreams and a lifetime of happiness together.
Perhaps it's time to replace Joss's mug in the top left corner by a family picture.
LOL - That blog was hilarious! I would so clean up at the "Asperger's Olympics."
That blogger's blunt, but he's got a point!

Congratulation also to Jed and Maurissa. Does this mean she has to get a t-shirt with his face on instead of Captain Hammer's now?
Caroline, How prescient of you to call it Whedonesque instead of Jossesque or some other even odder sounding name. I can see in a few years hence us old timers explaining "Yes, this blog started with just one Whedon. From the third generation he was, not the fourth..."
Yeah, there's method to my madness ;-)

To be honest, I wanted to call it Buffyfilter first, but someone bought the domain just days before I tried to. The good thing was it made me think about the name some more and I realised widening the scope would be a very good idea.
Aww! The MJ Union = so adorable, writing as well as living as a couple! Congratulations! All the very best! All blessings and exclamation points!!!

ETA: It might be somewhat awesome to commemorate the date-setting by letting us hear the creative couple's demo of "On the Rise" :D

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The Whedonian era is marked by the dominance and proliferation of Whedons of many and varied sorts. As a future historian will have once remarked, "To think it all began with one Whedon, as clearly there was originally only one bloodline, and yet they eventually became as numerous and varied as the leaves on all the trees you've ever seen." This, then, near the beginning of that fabled period, is an historic event and worthy of our study and celebration.
ETA: It might be somewhat awesome to commemorate the date-setting by letting us hear the creative couple's demo of "On the Rise" :D

Shameless ;).

Aww, congrats to the happy couple etc.
Join me in my shameless quest!
OK, i'm shamelessly in. Whadda we do, is there, like, a sword or something we have to find ? The Ancient Digital Audio Tape of S'own'ee ?
There was a young writer named Whedon
Whose characters often died bleedin'.
He was joined by a brother
and then by another
And Maurissa, the She they was needin'.

Sorry - I'm up waay too late, and now, I guess, up waay too early.
LOVE it, QuoterGal (though I'm guessing poor Kai might feel a tad left out as she was the She when they made "OMWF!")

Mazel tov to the Whedon-that-is and the Whedon-to-be! :-)
Hmm.. Whedon wedding. I hope no one's gonna die terribly, leave someone on the altar or just go grazy and kill Jed or Maurissa.

Just kiddin'.. Maybe.
OK, i'm shamelessly in. Whadda we do, is there, like, a sword or something we have to find ? The Ancient Digital Audio Tape of S'own'ee ?

Ooh, I like it! I have reason to believe -- good reason -- that if enough of us express the desire to hear the young couple dueting at dramatic cross-purposes, our wish may be granted. Digitally. Puns optional.

Did I mention how impressed Felicia Day was by "On the Rise" demo? I mean, today? In this thread? Did I mention it just now?
Is it the Ancient Desire of D'emo R'lee'z ? Cos otherwise it doesn't sound like a very difficult quest. Which is what I really like about it ;). Consider said desire most assuredly expressed.
Easyquest? I'm in. I have enough trouble finding my glasses in the morning, let alone, say, a grail. I'm not sure I'd recognize one if I saw one- especially if the glasses were still missing. And shameless? You betcha.
Easyquest '08! Off officially it is kicked!

Names, people! Made-up screen names'll do.
I'm lost... for what are we EasyQuesting?
Oh dear, anything I post is going to come out all sentimental and stuff, because I'm definitely feeling the love for the happy couple, for this great site, and all the Whedons.
OzLady, our quest of ease is to hear the original version of "My Eyes/On the Rise/That One You Keep Humming (Other Than Bad Horse) (And That Other One," sung by its cowriters, betrothed Maurissa Tancheroen and Jed Whedon. Cuz Felicia Day was wowed by it. And they're kinda adorable, those two, actually writing together as well as spending their lives together. And making funny videos together. About making porn videos together. Kind of like Jane Austen. Edgy Austen. Porn Jane.

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-09-01 19:58 ]
Pointy - count me in!
It's like edgy Jane Austen.

"Reader, I bonked him".

(OK, it's the wrong Jane. And not really edgy. But apart from that there are others ways it's not pertinent too ;)

Easyquest '08!

The not actually going anywhere tour ! First stop ... the last stop !
Thank you, Lioness! And toast! And Saje! And QuoterGal (from an earlier thread)!

ETA: Sorry, Saje, I edited my post while you were quoting it. Odd. I never edit :P

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-09-01 16:29 ]
I'm in too! =P

Just curious, the purple is just for Joss? If Jed, Zack, or Maurissa post here they will be purple as well? Or is there another funky color for them?
Thank you, maxsummers, of whom I am a Twitter-follower!
Just curious, the purple is just for Joss?

It's for Joss and and cast and crew who has worked with him. Off the top of my head, here's who has the colour purple (and who have posted here at least once).

Jane Espenson
David Fury
Jonathan Woodward
Brian Lynch
Will Conrad
Stephen Mooney
Adam Hughes
Mark Lutz
Mike Boretz
Are u?
What's your login there? *so I can follow u too... if I'm not already...*


Oh, nice!
Thanks Simon!

I remember I read once the color thing here, and I tried to find it again a few weaks (months? O.o) ago... but couldn't, so I just forgot about it.

[ edited by maxsummers on 2008-09-01 16:38 ]
You guys lost me about halfway up, but thanks to embers I now can officially declare Jed and Maurissa the cutest couple EVER!

Congratulations, youngsters!
BKV got purple too, right?
Yes I forgot about him.
Not all of those were always purple Simon. Do they only become purps if they work on canonical Whedonverse stuff or is it purely number of posts ?

ETA: Sorry, Saje, I edited my post while you were quoting it. Odd. I never edit :P

Aaargh, two realities ! It burns ! I dunno which one has my stuff in it (cos that's where I want to be, mostly) !
Allow some mystery to our methods :p. But one of your guesses is right or left (if that wasn't a big enough hint).
Count me in for wanting to listen to the demo versions.

On the matter of colored names, we used to have people in Blue, but since Damon and SNT got promoted, all mod and admin people got that goldish orange color.

I remember when the BKV and Brian Lynch turned purple, right around the time they were announced as whedonverse writers.

But tip around, Caroline did write the 411 down in the About page.

What do all the different username colours mean?
"Admins are yellow, mods are blue, VIPs are purple, that means Joss, staff writers and actors too..."

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Thank you, Numfar PTB! Good clamoring, team! Now let's see some bandwagoning!

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-09-01 17:49 ]
Here you go Pointy- from Bandwagon:
We'll sleep on our wedding cake
We'll be two who can really make
Sweet music!
Opera music!
Hot music!

Oscar : Crazy music!
Nanette : Lazy music!
Oscar : Hipster music!
Nanette : Stripster music!
Nanette : Blue music!
Oscar : Low-down music!
Nanette : New music!
Oscar : Hold-down music!

Nanette : Glad music!
Oscar : Pretty music!
Nanette : Mad music!
Oscar : Dirty music!

Superior Bandwagon-ing, Lioness!

OK, how about some thronging! Anyone care to throng?
Or, if thronging is a bit much, you could mill.
How about gathering, like a force, or steam?

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-09-01 19:08 ]
Bored, Pointy?

Maybe you need to Twitter.
I need musical evidence of the creative potential of long-term relationships. Anyone else?
Yes, I think we understand that by now.
Loitering here. Expectantly.
Loitering! I'll take loitering, especially the expectant kind!
Is anyone's interest growing, rising or dare I say mounting?

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-09-01 20:00 ]
Like I said at Twitter shortly after DrHorrible posted this topic's comment:

I concur with samatwitch: "When you're a jet you're a jet all the way,"... marriage is le icing on the Whedonesque cake!

Meaning once you do a Whedon project, you're in the Whedonesque Fam.
I wonder if they're registered. We can send them a kitchen aid....
@OzLady - oddly (considering this is a thread about an impending mar-i-ahje/Bubbles DeVere) I was referring in my limerick to the Writing Whedons, as opposed to the Marrying or Involved Whedons, and meant the addition of She-Maurissa to the Whedon writing team.

I would never want to leave out either Joss' wife Kai, or anyone Zack might be involved with - or any of the elusive Zed's many potential partners. Us Whedonoids (Holy Mother of Frak?! about that little groupname) are special that way.
Hey QG, do you have any Preparation-W? These whedonoids are acting up again.
I heard if we have ourselves out we get to eat ice-cream for a week.

How about gathering, like a force, or steam?

I'd go as far as "hanging around with intent". I don't mean that in the "Give me all your demo tapes and no sudden moves" sort of way, it's a peaceful intent but still definitely intentional, no mere accidental intent.
Congratulations! Best of wishes.

Simon, when did Jane post? I so missed it.
Mad, you can catch probably most of Jane's posts via her profile.

(Saje, I forgot to say how much I enjoyed your edgy Jane Austen line. Makes me want to do whole bunch of "updating the classics" which Honest-to-Frak, I shouldn't take the time to do. Well, maybe just one. Oh, hell, I'll get back to ya later.)

ETF: interesting typo, but it's gone now. Move along. These aren't the 'droids you're looking for.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-09-02 00:03 ]
I don't want to enrage the purists, but have any of you ever read, Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife? It's a sacrilege I can get behind.
Ahh, thanks QuoterGal:)

Now, purists? Us? Please! We just enjoy each others company.
Hey! No one starts an Easyquest without UnpluggedCrazy!

And congrats to Jed and Maurissa!
QG I like your limerick & look forward to your edgy new classics.
Maybe catherine will write them a sonnet for the wedding. And Murder Rubicon can write them a song!

(Notice I haven't assigned myself any work.) I'll be here with my good wishes.

ETA: Oh, and I can do the easyquest, too.

[ edited by jcs on 2008-09-02 04:28 ]
Thank you, UnpluggedCrazy and jcs! No force in the 'verse can stop us! (Except the obvious ones.)
Congrats Maurissa and Jed!
Thanks for keeping your creepy, stalker fans in the know! We appreciate it! (Does this mean we're invited to the wedding?)
Yes, Linnea1928. I'm already preparing my suit, though I won't be able to tell you where I got it, nor what it is made of.

Will it be made of bacon?
Sure. Sure, that's exactly right...and in no way is my suit-making process similar to that of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. In no way. In no way, okay?!

Just want to get that point across.
So Minear (full name: Minear Doth Deceive Me) has never posted here? Shame Shame. Come back, Shame!

Let the purple reign.
purple reign

Boo! Hiss!
No force in the 'verse can stop us! (Except the obvious ones.)

Bloody gravity for instance, it's rendered many an EasyQuest just slightly too hard to qualify.

Makes me want to do whole bunch of "updating the classics" which Honest-to-Frak, I shouldn't take the time to do.

I wouldn't hate that, that's fer sure (and ta QG ;).

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