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September 01 2008

Zack's photos from Comic-Con. We've seen so many of our photos from the event. Now see a Whedon's. Includes the pictures we could see him taking during the Dr. Horrible panel.

ETA this collage made of Zack photos, from our own ProgGrrl.

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Nice pics.I like to see them all taking pictures -capturing the moment just as we do.
I've talked to large groups before and it doesn't bother me, but not that large and not where every single person is holding a camera in front of their face. Must be like addressing an audience of robots!
Seems scary, such a huge audience and a billion cameras.
The photos are really good
These are wonderful pics! I think my favorite was the one behind stage when he took a pic of Nathan taking a pic of Neil posing with his cool death ray gun! So much fun to see photos taken from the POV of one of the group. The moments are more relaxed and real because they know each other.

And yeah, there are also so many pics where the people are holding cameras to their faces. We've become a society of recorders of each other. I've always found that my experience at an event changes depending if I am taking photos or not... and by "not" I mean not even having any device at all to record. Sometimes I do that on purpose, sometimes not. The purposeful absence of a camera is a lot more Zen like than the, "Oh #*%&!! I forgot my camera!!!"

Well, all that aside, this cool collection of photos is very enjoyable. Very nice of Zack to make them available for us to see.
I swear Felicia Day cannot take a bad photograph. She could seriously have a career as a model if she wanted.
I agree: Felicia Day is sooooo photogenic. I love the photos of Felicia and Maurissa sitting on the steps with Nathan in the background.
Great pics!
Loved the ones from Felicia (twittering, probably) and Maurissa on the steps, and the ones from the panel (especially Nathan and Neil looking back to take the pic).

Also, some hot pics of Nathan with sunglasses! =D
The onstage shots were crying out to me to make this little collage. Please feel free to snag if you like. :)

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Nicely done, ProgGrrl. :-)
That is so fun! It's like being there!
Beautiful photos. Zack is a fantastic photographer.

And bix, is that you on the far right in the picture with the "PhD in Horribleness" shirt girl?
Hah. Yes, far upper right corner. Or, you know, half my head anyway.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-02 05:11 ]
I love your hat, man.
Thanks so much for that b!x, it has a real "family album" feel. Especially liked the one of the audience from the stage, not a perspective we usually get to see.

And thanks ProGrrl for the great collage shot, snag it I did. :)
wonder what camera he uses
Some kind of Nikon.

*iz ded*
ProgGrrl, it's on their Facebook too!
So is Lioness's great picture of Jed as a Rock Star!

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