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September 01 2008

James Marsters' Audio Interview at Vampires and Slayers. This is the first of three audio interviews V&S Editor Edward Gross conducted with James, the last day of production on the final episode of Angel.

It's worth joining the site to hear it (and thanks to Zeitgeist once more for turning me/us onto this place a few weeks ago). James sings the praises of other people, particularly David Boreanaz, in this first interview. A joy to listen to.
It is interesting. I wonder what shot he was referring to.
I was thinking it had to be the scene with the glamour that made it seem to TPTB watching they were all still at each other's throats after the crew thought Angel had betrayed them by going over to the Senior Partner's side of W&H. And Angel is trying to explain things. Quickly.

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I would guess it was "Power Play", he mentioned episode 21 which was directed by James Contner. I would guess it was the final scene in the episode.
I'm having problems getting it to run and it's killing my browser (IE). Any suggestions??? Thanks
resa, if you have high-speed Internet service, you might try downloading Firefox to use as a browser. If you don't, I'm not sure what to suggest.

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