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September 01 2008

Felicia Day asked Tycho from Penny Arcade to groom her at PAX. "I also saw Felicia Day at the show, who gave me a brush and told me to groom her. This is a thing that really happened, and it was bizarre, but not so bizarre that I wouldn't do it. It was like brushing a unicorn."

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The story didn't seem to link to the picture anywhere, so here it is.
Heh. That is awesome. :D

Kinda reminds me though of when some fan asked to ruffle David Tennant's hair on The Friday Night Project. XD (He said yes, she did and it was hilarious.)
"It was like brushing a unicorn."

Well put. Very.
So what is PAX besides something that was used by the Alliance on the farthest planet out.
Well, PAX is a number of things, but in this case, it's the Penny Arcade Expo, what was just held this last weekend in Seattle.
That is so awesome.
PAX: Four Years Reaver Free
Haha, I was hoping to see something like this happen after reading that comic.
So Penny Arcade is an online comic and then they arranged a convention called PAX?
Wait, seriously? There are people who don't know what Penny Arcade is? I guess I knew that, but I guess I assumed they wouldn't have access to the internet.
Funnily enough there are all kinds of people online these days, and some of them might even not be completely au fait with every single nook and cranny of the internet. I'm only vaguely aware of the Penny Arcade comic through this site, and know even less about PAX. And yet I manage to lead a healthy and fairly productive life. Word to the wise: we don't all have the same interests, or the time to pursue new ones, no matter how intriguing they might sound.
I only discovered Penny Arcade because of this, which I then stole when I needed a name for my one-time Serenity blog.
Felicia shares her PAX experience in her latest blog entry. Seems like it was a lot of fun for everyone involved.
Ah, finally - I was looking for the original Penny Arcade comic that started this whole "grooming" thing to provide some context - I mean, it's not like Felicia just asked to be brushed suddenly out of the blue.

Myself, I had to look up PAX when Felicia was twittering about it recently, and then remembered seeing maybe a couple of sorta-related comic links on whedonesque. (Here's another one.) I think these folks are funny and dear and smart, and ya just gotta love "it was like brushing a unicorn." You just have to.

But I don't game, know nothing about gaming, don't know what a LAN is and knew nothing of PAX prior to last week. If you had asked me the name of the folks who created those comics I'd seen, I couldn't have for the life of me pulled it up.

And yet I've worked with computers on the job since 1977, have three of 'em and an iPhone, and have been on the Internet probably every day of my life since, I dunno, 1992? '93? How did I manage to remain so ignorant of Penny Arcade? It really is kindof criminal, considering what a small world the Internet is.

I am covered in shame and rolled in ignorance.
Could also be a Frank Miller reference but then I might be showing my age.
Quoter, I included the link to the comic that started in the original description. lol I would have explained what PAX was, but I've seen Felicia's adventures there mentioned here a few times, so it seemed like it would have been unnecessary.

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That's an awesome photo.

Another past Firefly reference from Penny Arcade. More of a gaming joke, but I love the names used to describe the different roles in the game. Book will always be Scary Preacher Man to me.
As someone whose hair Tycho once described as "like spun gold," I find this story immensely awesome. :)
The David Tennant hair ruffling was pretty awesome. As was the question that came right afterwards. Heh. ::snickers::
He knows what unicorns brush like? That's even more interesting.
DadycatALSO? You mean you don't? Why I just would have assumed that anyone who frequented the internet....

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