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"If I ate your head, two thirdsss of your agents would praise me in poems and sssong."
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September 01 2008

Tahmoh at Dragon*Con on Dollhouse. Two minutes of the man who is Agent Paul Ballard discussing Dollhouse. He says they're on episode three.

Oh, those pesky typos!
And on a semi-related note... I really loved the hats he wore all weekend.
I challenge him to a hat off.

Or, you know, I would, if I knew him.
Well isn't he just a tall dark drink of handsome and mysterious?
In other words, Yum!
He was very gracious to be there answering our questions as it was a 10 AM panel and we were all at the BSG Colonial party and Firefly Shindig the night before. We were all very appreciative of him and he gave us some really great insight into the show. I hate it that Battlestar is ending but I am very glad to see Tahmoh stay on the small screen as Helo is one of my favorite characters on BSG.
I was shut out of this panel (got there too late) but did hear on Monday that Alan Tudyk would be appearing on Dollhouse at some point this coming season. I hope that is true as Alan & Joss work together so well.
Heard on Monday where and from whom?

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