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September 01 2008

Desperate Housewives Season 4 DVD out today. Whoo-hoo! Nathan is in at least one of the extras "The Men of Wisteria Lane".

Just been reading that he also does a commentary on one of the episodes with Dana Delaney.
This was probably the best season since season 1. I was almost through watching this show but the new character(I'm forgetting her name. Nathan's wife) drew me back into the show.
I'm much more interested in Life, which is also out today, I believe. I'd say it was the second best new series last season, behind only Mad Men, and Christina Hendriks is in both of them. She's also apparently back in both this season. Hendriks is hot, hot, hot right now. Well, hot always, but hot hot hot as an actess.
"I'd say it was the second best new series last season"

You're obviously not watching Pushing Daisies ;)

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