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September 02 2008

"Our Mrs. Reynolds" knits for you. The perfect partner for your "Jayne" hat. Christina Hendicks is auctioning off a hand knitted scarf for charity.

I hate to write two grammar-Nazi posts in a row - my first two posts on Whedonesque, at that - but the description on the linked page actually suggests that the top bidder will "Enjoy [his] very own celebrity knit scar from Christina Hendricks..." [emphasis added].
Now I'm trying to imagine what a knitted scar would be like...
I don't know whether it'd actually be worth it to pay money to have Christina come and scar one. Probably.

Great idea, though; it's always nice to see celebrities using their fame to boost awareness/support of a worthy cause rather than, as most do, to increase their own fame.
Heh, "Also available, Fleetingly Famous Concussions - have your very own repeated blows to the head from the reality TV star of your choice ..." ;).

It is indeed a good idea though and a good cause too.
The scarf wouldn't knock me unconscious, would it? ;)
Wow. First bid is 250 dollars.
Gosh it would be nice if the headline of that page didn't read 'Christing Hendricks Personally Knit Scarf.'
If she can get that kind of money for a SCARF, I can only imagine what my Whedon sweater would go for. (Which, incidentally, I plan to sell in pattern form as an Equality Now benefit when it's done)

Of course, I'm no Christina Hendricks... I'm just a knit designer.

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