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September 02 2008

A Trio of Great Nerds. Buffy's semi-baddies Jonathan, Warren and Andrew make Associated Content's feature on the greatest nerds TV has offered.

Grr. Argh. I was just about to post this.
I guess it depends how you define 'nerd' but no Chloe from '24', surely shome mishtake (she's definitely a geek - an uber-geek at that - but maybe because no-one would dare play a practical joke on her she doesn't qualify as a nerd) ?

Or Rodney McKay from the Stargates ? Or the Lone Gunmen (though I do like Mulder being on there, he really was very geeky about the paranormal - and also, possibly, pornography ;) ?
I'd say Warren was more than a semi-baddy.

The nerd stuff from Season 6 was priceless.
I still believe the greatest nerd ever was Willow herself.
I cast my 'best nerd' vote for Wes.

Best. Character. Arc. Ever.
Buffy and Angel were filled with Nerds; Willow, Fred, Wes...
Hey! Why didn't those three team up and take on the Trio?
It could have been epic!
If Willow, Fred, and Wes were from the first season of their appearance... it might have been a fair fight. Get those three in Seasons 7 and 5 respectively, and the Trio wouldn't last longer than a few microseconds.
Great picks but am I the only person that remembers Screech? Uber-nerd if I ever saw one!
Willow, Fred, and Wes were all smart & sometimes socially awkward, but it's hard to beat "Action figures? Fully deployed" for nerdiness.

I'm confused by this in the Urkel description:

the divergence between his IQ and the next highest IQ was as vast as the divide between the honesty of a five year old and the honesty of John McCain.

Which one is supposed to be honest/dishonest? I don't think of little kids or politicians as being paragons of honesty.
ManEnoughtoAdmitIt: Well, yes, of course I meant from their initial appearance. Its totally not fair if you get those three near the end; but in geekiness terms, when they were new characters, they were adorable.

But I also agree with jcs; "action figures? fully deployed" takes the cake.
I'm confused by this in the Urkel description:

the divergence between his IQ and the next highest IQ was as vast as the divide between the honesty of a five year old and the honesty of John McCain.

Which one is supposed to be honest/dishonest? I don't think of little kids or politicians as being paragons of honesty.

If you've ever had your own kids, you would know that the average five-year-old is infinitely more honest than any politician. A five-year-old may lie to protect themselves from punishment, but you usually can tell when they do. A politician not only lies to protect him/herself, but also to get an upper hand, to deceive, and to manipulate others.

A little child lies to protect him/herself from more powerful people. A politician lies to become more powerful.

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I really really disliked the whole "Trio" arc on Buffy. Warren should've been a villain on his own if anything, and play up the misogynist angle, which shouldn't have been reused in the final season with Caleb.
Warren was a psychopath, but I think that was partly due to him never learning the social rules rather than ignoring them. All three of those boys just didn't know how to interact with the real world... a very common failing among geek boys.

Believe me, I know.
Poor Jonathan was 92% of the way to knowing how to interact properly with others until Andrew Firsted him. Perhaps just before Jonathan qualified for a heaven in the afterlife instead of a hell, too.
Oh, gods, I read the above and didn't see the "R" in "Firsted."

No, seriously, I really didn't. I was shocked and then relieved.

It was shocking to think that I'd missed an episode.
Which posits that you, QC, would have believed that Andrew could have done just that. :-) Well, it would have answered at least one question..... :-)
lmao QG, I also read it as you did. o.0

But then I remembered it was Season 7, and the gratuitous x-rated stuff only happened in Season 6.
Although I like the Trio, I'm not sure the author is correct in saying that they would've ruled Sunnydale were it not for Dark Willow. They were a fairly incompetent bunch, and Buffy seemed to handle herself pretty well, despite the occasional setbacks (being turned invisible, Warren getting superstrength, stuff like that). Even if Willow hadn't embraced the dark side, I doubt they ever would've posed much of a threat.
Heck, even Spike could handle them, once he knew which levers to pull.
CarpeNoctem: I wouldn't classify any of the X-rated stuff in season six as "gratuitous". OK, maybe "OMWF," but that ep really wouldn't be com...plete without it.

QuoterGal: who knows. There are still the comics to remove the "r".... (And with the pervasive typos on the "Angel" line, we may just see that there! Sorry, BL!)

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Shows how out-of-touch I am, I didn't even see how that could be mis-read. I guess "I'm just a country boy, Money have I none," etc. And, I agree, who knows what we'll see Andrew up to eventually? (altho it can't be with Jonathan unless it's either a flashback or Joss catches the serial-resurrector bug from me.)

As to The Trio, heck , even if they'd beaten the good guys, once th real bad guys actually noticed them they'd likely been splattered with utmost dispatch.

WilliamTheB: Sigh, again with the connotations of a prefectly accpetable scene where both our girls were fully clothed on camera (just like Angie Dickinson was in the taxicab scene in Dressed to Kill) and yet low minds keep, as Archie Bunker would say, misconscrewing the words of a beautiful song. song, Sigh-um, as Bucolic Buffalo would say. Heckfire, if I were aprofessionals inger I would have gone right to my rpoducer and arranger after the episode and asked to put together a country version of "Under Your Spell."
Did I SAY I was talking about "our girls" Willow and Tara? I only paused in the middle of a word, for emphasis. DaddyCatALSO, I think you might be misconscrewing a bit too. (And I never said it wasn't acceptable! :) )

Also: how different would season seven (and I suppose "Amends") be if the villain were called "The Fist" instead of "The First"? Discuss.

[ edited by WilliamTheB on 2008-09-03 18:09 ]
WIlliamTheB; sorry, I just made a word association there, I recognize that it doesn't mean you were discussing the person who said the same word, albeit the one time I saw that ep. it's the most "xual" scene I recall from it.

And your alternate view of S-7 is bit more disturbing than I care to discuss, thanks anyway.

(Calling Willow and Tara our girls comes natural to me; I've been a rgeular at the Kitten Board for quite some years now and habits form, y'know'n'mean? Plus I've crafted quite a few W&T fanfics, only 3 or 4 of which are explicit.)

And now I think on it, a better song quote to describe me (going from Don Willaims to The statler Brothers here) would be "I realize I'm home-spun, And maybe even simpleton" etc.

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