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September 02 2008

Is Google part of the ELoE? Check out the people chatting in panel two of this leaked Scott McCloud comic for Google's new web browser. Seems like a certain someone may be hanging out at Mountain View...

Hey - maybe Joss is actually the catalyst for the coming Singularity. ;-)

Can you be more specific about what you're referring to because I can't see it...?
@Beth'll: Look in the background of the comic, someone called DctrHrrbl wrote something in that chat... I feel a conspiracy coming up ;)
Up above Pam Greene's head is a small chat box. One of the chatters has a familiar name.
See, this is a clear evidence to what we already knew: Joss is taking over the world. =D
There's a fake chatroom dialogue behind the woman's head, one of the chatters is called 'DctrHrrbl'. Good eye crystalsinger (I mean, the link's pretty thin but good eye nonetheless ;).

(ETA: as other's have pointed out, in successive minutes ;)

Anyone know who drew those panels BTW, it looks a lot like Scott McCloud's stuff in 'Understanding Comics' ?

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It is Scott McCloud. Good eye, yourself. :)


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That just means Google has good taste. Or tastes good to Bad Horse. When he can't get the Chorus to get him a salt lick fast enough.
Kinda funny that part of the Google corporate statement is "Don't be evil."

Edit: Sorry, number 6 in the corp. philosophy.

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You know, FD's brother is working at (at? on? in? my english fails me now...) google... The Doc has a way in now. He could totally rule google and use it for his own good (or evil).
Took me ages to see it, 'DrHrrbl'! Boy is that a long comic. And kinda technical.

Aha, cheers jcs ;). His style's pretty distinctive I reckon, especially with that colouring.

Edit: Sorry, number 6 in the corp. philosophy.

Understandable mistake though, you'd expect "Don't be evil" to be pretty much no. 1 (reminds me of the ten commandments where "Thou shalt not kill/murder" is about 6 as well - bit of a biggie that one, you'd think top 2 or 3 easy ;).
Hee! Clearly I'm not the only Whedonite working at Google :)
Holy shit!! There's also Azula88!!! Google loves Avatar too! They have good taste.
Didn't we just see a post a few weeks back talking about a totally new and totally cool browser application from one of the big software companies? There was a video and in one of the "open windows" on this futuristic palm looking device there was a pic of Joss. The post was taken down within minutes (as I assume this will too) but I love it when fans inject a little 'Verse into their work.

My advice to all would-be front-line 'Verse subverter's, try to work in a Ben/Glory never goes out of style.
alexreager, this comic book was released early by accident but the news is official and won't be taken down anytime soon. Google Chrome will be released in beta today. The Dr. Horrible reference is just Google being awesome as usual!
Wow, good catch.
jkalderash--The news contained in the post might be accurate about the new Google Chrome but usually threads like this are removed for lack of any real 'Verse related content. In other words, this isn't news. (At least they could have put a pair of welding goggles on cartoon product manager, Brian Rakowski)
OK - I'll blame it on not being well for a week - funny thing is, I had read the comments, just not the names!
Well, maybe the mods are sleeping & we can have an off-topic discussion about the new browser. :)
The reason why I didn't delete it is because a influential comic book creator has acknowledged the pop culture influence of Joss' latest creation. I'm really not that concerned about what the product is, could be the latest design for a tin of baken beans for all I care. As at the end of the day, the race is long and it's only with yourself.

But I will say if it was just a reference in one of those run of the mill web comics, yes it would get deleted. Or glared at by me for five minutes.
Personally I would glare then delete, or possibly a glare-delete simul-action. In any case, I decided against deleting it as well. Its Scott McCloud, its Google, its Dr. Horrible. Fine by me (posted this using Chrome ;)).
How are you finding Chrome, zeitgeist? I'm using it as well but feel it is almost too stripped down and I don't see the difference between Google's tabs and Firefox's or Opera's.
Yes I too love the look of chrome. Now if only IE will use the open source code to make it so it doesn't crash every 5 seconds if you even so much as blink when looking at it.

And I dare say Azula would have a strong application to the ELoE, yes? But who is that TRG supposed to be? Anyone?
I'm digging it. Seems agile enough, though the real meat of it is under the hood. Try pulling on one of the tabs in Chrome and see what happens vs. doing the same in Opera or Firefox :)- that'll show you one difference. I like that its low profile as far as its chrome goes, too.
Doctor Horrible is such a geek!
A little-known link between Mutant Enemy and Google -- Right next door to ME's old Stewart Street studios in Santa Monica, where Buffy was filmed, was a smallish Google office building. One could get a fine view of the downtown Sunnydale sets from Google's parking lot. *coughs and hides photos*
*coughs and hides photos*

By "hides" you mean "uploads", right?
Great catch, I missed that one -- I was just wondering how many other companies could get a "OMFG" past their PR department.

Now, if there only were a Mac version of Chrome ...
Blimey, they go on a bit don't they?

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You're right, they should totally shut up so we can discover whats new/different/exciting about Chrome by sheer chance! I kid :) Of course they go on, this comic is a replacement for a white paper.

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