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September 02 2008

Watch "Chuck" season 2 premiere a week early. Hulu will stream series premiere on Sept. 22nd, one week before its broadcast debut.

Others series also getting an early Hulu premiere are Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, Life and 30 Rock.

I've considered emmigrating to USA just so Hulu doesn't hate me anymore.
The Office early as well? I can only hope. I mean, if there's 30 Rock why no The Office?

And I can't wait for Chuck to come back. A week early is even better. I have such strong feelings of nerdy love for this show.
Xan, It looks like hulu made a deal with nbc because they are previewing a whole lot of nbc shows early but not all of them.

Maybe the office is just way to popular for them to spill the beans, the other shows are either fairly new or might just need the help to spread the buzz
I figured as much and once I looked around the site I saw that, yes, they do have The Office but not early. It's definitely a promotion deal where they're trying to get shows affected by the strike last year some new found interest.
One week early you say, great scots! I have been patiently awaiting Chucks return and now I get to see it a whole 163 hours early. My nerd o meter if off scale not mention two very important things, Yvonne Strahovski and yogurt… need I say more?
Hulu is owned by NBC Universal and News Corp so it would probably get a deal on those corps' native product.

I'm torn. I hate watching shows early but it's been soooooo looooooooooooong! Chuck and Life were my two favorite new shows last season, I may not be able to wait for the season premieres.
What is the connection between "Chuck"(terrible show btw.) and Whedon?
NBC pay us to plug it. Adam Baldwin is in it.
Chuck is awesome! Adam Baldwin is amazing and the show mixes silliness with action in perfect doses. I'm excited!

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