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September 02 2008

(SPOILER) Two hour premiere of Bones season 4 tonight in the US. The first video contains spoilers for the season premiere "Yanks in the U.K.". And several interviews with David Boreanaz about the new season can be found over at the futon critic, TV Guide and

Bones 2 hour Season Premiere (in U.S.) Wed at 8:00.

Just found this. It's a scavenger hunt where you get to see video SPOILERS for 'Yanks in the U.K.' once you answer the questions. Easy questions, nice videos.
I'm kinda over Bones after last season's big bombshell. I was pretty disappointed with it all.
But, was that Indira Varma from Torchwood (Suzie) in the car with them? IMDB doesn't say, but I think it looks like her.
Didn't watch the videos 'cause I don't wanna see spoilers, but I was checking out the promo pics and I'm totally drooling over TJ now.
The wait has been too long. I'm glad they're starting early, as usual :)
But, was that Indira Varma from Torchwood (Suzie) in the car with them? IMDB doesn't say, but I think it looks like her.

Yes that is Indira. I know lots of people were put off by the finale last season, but I've read lots of spoilers, and I think it's going to be a great 4th season. Hope you give it another try, Linnea1928.
I don't think any show has ever jumped a bigger shark than Bones did in last season's finale. Immediately after watching it, I swore I'd never watch another episode.

...but as bad as that finale was, it's still consistently one of the better shows on TV these days, so I guess I'll keep watching. But I'm still bitter about that shark jump.
I've added a couple of interviews with David to the entry. Figured people might enjoy reading them.
Yay, good to see it back, i've high hopes a) that the premiere will be a hoot (albeit possibly a bit of a clichéd hoot) and b) that in season 4, they can maybe do something to ameliorate the chronic lower Zack pain that a lot of us are feeling - I don't want them to take it back in any way but it'd be cool if they could retcon a more convincing justification for his choice IMO.
I feel fortunate that I didn't catch last season's finale until over the summer (after mini spoilage). While the ending wasn't great, it hasn't deterred me from future episodes. I'm curious about how everything fares this season, so I'll keep watching.
Will be watching tonight.
I really liked how last season ended. It made sense to me that Zack could buy in to that logic. I thought it was really well acted, written and developed. Of course it would have been even better if their season had not been cut short, but at the end I cried like a little baby.

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Saje -
resa ;).
Thanks resa, and maybe I will watch it if I can. I'll have to catch it online since I don't have a TV (well, technically I have a TV, but I just use it to watch DVDs, since I'm too poor to pay for cable; I live in the dorms too so they hike up the prices).

And Tibbittz, I thought it jumped the shark too, but some shows have done worse... Desperate Housewives, anyone? I wonder how they'll pull that off.
I actually loved last season ending!
I think it was rushed because of the writers strike, but it still worked for me.
Can't say I LOVED last seasons finale but I do give them allowance for the writers strike and the rush that followed.
I'm gonna miss Eric.
East coasters I knew where yelling "stupid stupid stupid!" as the premier was coming to a close for them, but didn't spoil what they were angry about.

I get it now. Something happens that indeed is stupid, forced, and nonsensical. Crowbarring in some character tension that didn't evolve naturally.

For a show that for me has always been about the characters, not the procedural, that's disappointing and makes me fear this is the season they lose their game.

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liked last season's finale

season premier was OK.. not outstanding

*BTW* literally almost ran into Mr. Boreanaz as he was exiting out the back door of Comic Con probably on his way to that very interview... (he was wearing the same shirt)

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