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September 02 2008

Nathan on the Late Late Show tonight. This news courtesy of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Twitter.

The show airs at 12:35 EST (about one hour from now).

Whoo-hoo! It lists "Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) "

I thought he was maybe on to promote the Desperate Housewives DVD release.
It lists "Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)"

That's pretty awesome.
Does anyone else giggle when they hear the word twitter thanks to Felicia?
I can't afford to giggle, since I twitter all day long.
Ooh, I hope they show a clip.
Twitter, no. But craft service, yeah.
I was watching a really bad movie last week and on the movie they were on a tv set, and on the back there was a sign 'CRAFT SERVICE' and I totally started to laugh.

I thought he was maybe on to promote the Desperate Housewives DVD release.

That's what I thought at first, but it may be to promote Dr. Horrible's Soundtrack.

Anyway, this Late Late Show is the one with a really crazy host that never ever ask questions about the actual tv show/film right??

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Literally rips up the canned question blue cards and throws them away. But still gets around to talking about the show/movie most times.
Figures. I'm really tired and he's on something called the Late Late Show. Gee, I sure hope it's not on late.
I find it odd that the clip shown from "Dr. Horrible" wasn't a particularly Hammerific part. (For the record, it was the beginning of the duet part of "My Eyes." Sure, there's some Hammer camera mugging, but it's not really a good Nathan showcase.)

As with all the Graig Ferguson interviews I've seen (not many, to be sure), it was very funny, but very random, and only barely touching on the topic at hand. Though, Nathan did mention his new show and the iTunes soundtrack release (and the soundtrack's international rankings), so... yeah.
Now that was hi-fraking-larious. Nathan should Craig's replacement host when Craig's on vacation.

I loved that Nathan plugged "Castle".
My favourite talk show host and my favourite actor...a very good combination! They were very funny and managed to touch on everything even though it was a pretty short segment. Some guests find it hard to work with Craig's random topics but Nathan excels at doing just that.

Great interview!
Birthday Cake is MY Dad's name too!
I think Ferguson realises that a lot of the time his guests are "doing the rounds" and so he tries to just have a random wander rather than necessarily focus on the questions everyone else is gonna ask. Works well IMO, especially if/when he gets a guest that can roll with it (his interviews with Hugh Laurie are usually pretty good value for instance - think they knew each other back in the old world too, which can't hurt).

And if i'm not quite certain how I feel about him using his past in the way he sometimes does I definitely admire his courage in being so open about it.
I was able to go to the taping. It was pretty fun. (though judging by the audience reaction to when the guests came out it seemed more people were there to see Katey than Nathan). I was also a little confused as to why they chose that particular clip from Dr. Horrible rather than say, when Nathan is singing on top of the van, or at the press conference or anything where he has any dialogue or lyrics. But it was fun watching him talk about wildlife.

It was also cool that he had the post-it with all the stats of how the soundtrack was doing on iTunes. I could imagine him refreshing the stats until right before he went on. :D
Aww con sarnit! First post here, and I managed to miss the show (sleeping). Glad it was good though. Craig and Nathan together had to be a hoot and a half.
Darn, fell asleep during the monologue, hopefully it gets posted up somewhere to watch.
Too much bear stuff. It was so left field that I don't think Nathan picked up on it right away so there was not as much time for the usual Nathan-Craig hilarity. Still, there was some. :)
guardian_owl, if they post it at all, it'll either be on CBS's channel at YouTube or on the Late Late Show Comedy Page. I'm not optimistic, though - they used to post the entire show on YouTube but nowadays they only post the monologue and the skits. :(
Here's the vid from youtube to all, like me, who couldn't catch it on the air. Yay Nathan Fillion!
Woohoo! Thanks Linnea1928!
Didn't watch it last night because I was too tired so I got to watch it first thing this morning. (DVR is the best invention!) Cute interview. I like Craig Ferguson. He's hilarious. But sometimes he gets a little caught up in his own funny during interviews. Where exactly was he going with all the bear talk? Did he get Nathan and Stephen Colbert confused?? Although for the most part Nathan rolled well with the punches, something just a tad more focused would have been good.
That was painful. I love Nathan and I think Craig is great, but that was...painful. It was awkward. Craig needs to let the tangents go sometimes. Too much detracts from the interviews. Let Nathan have more than 5 seconds to talk about why he's on the show.

p.s. Craig. You spent half of your LAST interview with Nathan talking about Canada and where's he's from. Come on! Let the guy talk about his projects.
Don't forget the stoned koala bears.
That was fun! Thank you for the link, Linnea1928! - All that bear stuff was a bit odd though...
Very bizarre... Thanks for the youtube link - didn't have a chance to see if VCR recorded it last night. Nathan's hilarious, but way way WAY too much bear talk - didn't talk about Horrible until 7 minutes in...
“Bears are the sharks of the forest” *snicker*

Man oh man but Nathan’s slow smile does something funny to me.

Yeah. Those soundtrack stats are not so bad. ;)
I like Ferguson, but he does tend to wander a bit too much, and gets caught up in himself. He acted like he'd never had Nathan on the show before, but at least he asked him to come back.
I didn't get when he said Nathan should come back on the show.
The interview stunk. I do like Craig Ferguson, but his interview style is all stream-of-conciousness, not much interest in his subject. Maybe it's just LA, dunno.

Anyone who's seen the Comicon q&a knows what a character NF is in person. And the choice of Horrible scene? Made NO sense to me.

God love Joss and ALL those guys. I actually PREFER being part of a very large cult...

Chandramas, he said it at the end of the Interview. He was a bit smarmy about it, saying "Come back the next time Katie is on", but he did make the invitation.

-Edited for grammar (Not Grampar)

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Did anyone else wonder if Nathan was wearing a Captain Hammer t-shirt?
CBS has a You Tube channel? Dang. Who knew?! (Apparently not me.)
So I guess CBS is catching on about how the internet can drive audience to your product. Commercial-laden though it may be.
Now. Here's the question: Do they have the complete season of "Moonlight" there? I'll have to check it out.
Otherwise, I'll have to get my own stinkin' DVD set By Any Means Necessary. (wink-wink)
NYPinTA: I agree, Craig was definately getting "caught up in his own funny". It is amusing to watch guests on his show to see who is comfortable shooting the breeze on a goofy topic versus who isn't. Nathan did good. I do wish they'd talked about Doc Horrible for a few minutes more than the bears, but meh, it was still fun to watch.

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