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September 02 2008

Dragonball Poster and Movie Trailer Stills revealed. We can see James Marsters as Piccolo.

EDIT: Changed the link 'cause on the first one they're not showing the trailer stills anymore. But this one that is showing the pics now is in spanish, so here it is the original link, in english.

EDIT AGAIN: Fox asked the brazillian site that was linked here before to take down the pics, so I changed for the other site that Numfar PTB linked.

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I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted before... just saw it.

It looks really bad to me. And I'm a little disappointed with James' look. After all that mystery I expected something WAY better.

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He looks like a futuristic, younger version of The Master.
I saw those pictures and they frightened me...
Really glad they didn't go with the green look. Goku's look i'm not fond of, but Piccolo looks great, you can see a little bit of James underneath.
A resounding "meh."
Anyone still think this might still be good? anyone? Bueller?
I'd rather decide not to like AFTER I actually watch the movie ;) I think Bulma looks great! (though I miss the EPIC BLUE HAIR!)

Quote from the site: "FAVOR NO SUICIDARSE." HAHAHA! XD
I just... I mean... *arrrgh*
Yeah, it likes what would have happened if they never cast James as Spike but as the Master instead. Can't say I'm too happy about that. It would have been really easy to stick to the source material but no, they have to go and frak it up.
"I'd rather decide not to like AFTER I actually watch the movie."

Amen! :]
I've never seen the cartoon but James doesn't half remind me of Darth Maul. Also the original link doesn't seem to be working so I've changed it some Brazilian site.

No. No, no, no, no, no. So many worlds of no. Untold dimensions and galaxies of no.

*runs away screaming*
I like it. I expected heavy redesigns and loose interpretations right from the beginning, so I'm looking at the design in its own right. I say it looks decent - green would not really have worked in live-action, much in the same way that Goku's gigantic hair, Bulma's blue hair, anthropomorphic animal citizens, etc. would not have worked.
I wish I could say I wasn't entirely creeped out.
At first I thought I was on the wrong site. A guy with a crazy amount of hair gel does not a Dragonball Z make.

James looks scary and not in the "I'm a scary super hot vampire" way, but in the "Oh god, oh god, please make it stop" way.
Another Brazilian site option in case any of the links above goes down.
James looks pretty interestingly creepy, but I'm actually more creeped out by how much the actor playing Goku looks like Elijah Wood in that first picture.
First James goes from Buffy to Angel, and his cheeks start to fill in...
Then he shows up on Smallville, not with sleek bleach-blonde locks, but with a short brown fro...
And now this...this sad imitation of the old guy from Six Flags...

THATS IT!! I'm going back to Buffy Season 2, and I am never leaving!
[/temper tantrum]

But seriously, since my bro loves Dragonball Z and since I will always be interested in what dashing James is up to, I will probably see this.
Wow, those kids in IMDb are sure blowing up this colour mole into a planet of issues. I'm actually pleasantly surprised to not see them push the actors into looking like exact replica’s of the anime (I never did like the drawings). Then again, never been into it like apparently they are, so don’t care either way. I’m watching this not only because James’ in it but because of the way he had talked about it – dude made me sorta excited for something I never even liked. So, I'll be one of those odd ducks that'd rant about it sucking after I actually see it - and who knows, maybe it would disappoint all the weepers and it won't.
Wow! Judão and Omelete linked here!! lol

haha some dude wrote there:

'OMG Piccolo isn't green!
I bet if Iron Man was blue or purple or if Spiderman was green or brown everyone would complain. ¬¬'

I was never a big fan of DB, although I do know a couple of DB fans... but I also think that he HAD to be green. I think the missing antennae are ok... but he just had to be green.

But I'm not saying the movie is gonna suck... I'll wait and see. But so far it does not look good.
Dang it, Emmy Rossum is hot. Other than her, I'm not too impressed. I like that they are going back to the beginning of the Dragonball manga to do this and not going straight into the Z section. I like James and Emmy and Chow Yun Fat, so hopefully, I won't be disappointed by this. I do wish it came out last month like it was supposed to, but March isn't that far off.
This movie will go the way of Speed Racer just wait:

Epilepsy inducing special effects, and a plot so thin and porous that it makes Swiss cheese look American by comparison.

I second the resounding "No" to this movie.
How can people be complaining about the special effects and thin plot when we haven't seen anything about either yet?
The same way that people can be rallying behind it without having seen anything about either.
I'm actually really excited to see this. I grew up watching Dragonball/Dragonball Z, and i have a feeling this WILL give the anime justice. I have complete faith in the writers and the actors playing the characters.
I'm going to view this as an Alternate Universe Dragonball. Maybe that'll help me get over the fact that Piccolo isn't green and doesn't have his antennae. I mean, he's a member of a snail-like species for crying out loud, they're supposed to have antennae! Christ on a cracker, can't they get something right?! Sigh. At least Bulma looks somewhat okay. And Goku's gi. Sorta.

Oh, I'll still watch it. I'm a huge fan, so really, I have to, because I won't know for sure if it's good or bad until I actually sit down and watch it.

But if they don't get the Kamehameha movements right? I'm going to cry.
I've said it before, what's up with all this casting James as green dudes, who end up not being green at all.
The whole reason I wanted to see pictures was to see how they were going to make James green...I am highly disappointed.
Just to make it clear, I am no fan of the manga/anime (though I read/watched it a lot when I was little). So I don't think this looks atrocious based on some kind of fanboy standards, I just think it looks atrocious based on common standards of goodness in the universe.
Well, when the X-Men movies came out, I was already pretty sure they weren't going to go with Wolvie's yellow spandex, because that just wouldn't fly in a live action movie. There are certain things that just don't go together well in reality that you're more prone to believing in a comic, and X-Men has serious issues combined with multicolored spandex. So that was changed, and I think that worked. This, however, isn't just a matter of cleaning up the less believable parts of the manga and anime -- it feels more like they're watering it all down, plot and characters included, and trying to make it palatable to people who, under any other circumstances, wouldn't ever have picked up the manga or watched the anime. It's an attempt to widen the potential viewer base, I guess? but I think that's a silly thing to do for something like Dragonball, where the quirkiness is a big part of its charm and soul. Taking the green out of Piccolo, to me, is like taking the dragon out of Dragonball. (Is Shenlong even going to be in this?)

And I'm a Piccolo fangirl, so all I really wanted was to see him in all his green glory. Possibly tossing around a young Gohan in a future movie, even! With his weighted cape and turban and snappy snarky dialogue and maybe even a knock down drag out battle with Frieza, and... and... *sniffle* Oh, my precious fandom. Le sigh.
Seeing as I don't think this pic is worth its own link I'm posting it here. (correct me if I'm wrong and I'll post it in the front page).

This is a pic of James' Piccolo from the back side because Ed French said that "due to Twentieth Century Fox’s demands, he can not reveal Piccolo’s face". Either he had posted this on his website long before DB's poster was revealed and the linked website just let it be known two days ago or P's really pea green and we've yet to really see the final result *shrug*

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