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September 03 2008

Promo ad for the Firefly web browser. It's even shinier than Chrome.

And when FOX sees the download stats, they're SURE to bring the series back!
Okay, I got a real kick out of that. Especially at the appearances of the IE and FFox 'browsers.'

Just seems like some fans having some fun to me.
That was great! Well done.
I can't get it to play or download. Hopefully, it'll end up on youtube.
TDBrown: it's H.264 encoded for the iPod/iPhone. It should play fine in Quicktime 7. I will add it to YouTube shortly.
We made this for Dragon*Con 2008. It was shown before panels ... including the ones with Alan, Nathan, Jewel & Morena. Glad you enjoyed it.
Well, that rocked! LOL
It would be kinda cool if we had a Firefly browser or at least a Firefox theme.
Heh, nice ;). Wonder if that'd work.
Heh, that was funny :). Thanks for the youtube link, Dragon*ConTV!
Aw, boo-urns! That was funny and whatnot, but I was actually hoping for a real, Firefly-themed browser. Maybe someone can make some kind of skin add-on thingy? I don't know how that stuff works, or I'd make one myself. :)

Funny vid, but still a raging tease.
Considering how often I have been teased for calling Firefox, Firefly, this can't come soon enough for me! Thanks for putting it on YouTube.
Much with the cute.
Very amusing. Nice work
very amusing but again with the tease... i want the actual web browser
Thanks for posting it to YouTube. Shiny indeed.

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