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September 03 2008

(SPOILER) Exclusive interview with David Boreanaz. The link contains spoilers for tonight's premiere and upcoming events in season 4 of Bones.

The guy just does not age...maybe he is a vampire.
Good lord in heaven - the Bones writers have pissed me off again.

I love DB - I really do. And Booth and Bones are awesome. But what's with the fraking things up for no good reason?
The guy just does not age...

Have you actually gone back and looked at Buffy season one lately?
Have you actually gone back and looked at Buffy season one lately?

Having seen Bones before I started on Buffy and Angel, I thought is was hilarious the first time I saw him on Buffy. He looked so baby-faced. :)
Good lord in heaven - the Bones writers have pissed me off again.

No kidding.

"Hey, I've been feeling a little insecure these past five minutes. Let's cancel the marriage."

"Yeah, me too. In fact, let's break up altogether."


And the award for the most awkward, extremely forced injection of unnecessary drama goes to...

Edited for spelling. There was, in fact, no unnecessary drame in the episode.

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Yeah, quite badly done. Clearly the Zack storyline was rushed because of the strike but what's the excuse here ? It felt very manufactured.

The episode was OK in general, not as much humour as I expected and, frankly, what works for Booth in his natural element somehow just seemed annoying out of it (I think the setting made it feel too real for me so I started thinking too much about what it'd be like to actually spend time around someone like Booth). Touched maybe a few too many of the clichés but it was good fun all in all (the coffee thing was absurd though, I mean you can't throw a stone in central London without hitting a Starbucks or Costa or whatever). Kinda wondering when the last time was you could actually hire a classic Mini too (outside of novelty car hirers), 1985 maybe ? ;)

Think i've been in that pub though (where Booth talks about being a Knight and has the jar glass of beer), it's right on the river at Richmond, by a bridge. The Watermans maybe ? Had a pint of London Pride I think (when in Rome ... ;) and quite a nice meal.

ETA: Slightly more restrained interview this time around (and DB uses the 'p' word ;).

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