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September 04 2008

Head of the class -'s most cherished teachers. Nice to see some love for Jenny Calendar.

And just 1 click away (photo 13) we have Olivia Williams for here role in Rushmore (brilliant film, watch it!).

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I saw Robia at the restaurant I work at a few months ago. She's really pretty in person.
Yay! Passion is probably one of the greatest early episodes and that moment where Giles sees the roses and goes upstairs, only to find its been set up to break his soul...such a heart-wrenching moment and one of the reasons why Season 2 was the best.
I love me some Jenny Calender. I met Robia at the failed Flan 2 aka Back Up Bash. She was an absolute joy and as dollrific mentions above: quite stunning.

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