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September 04 2008

Multiverse's Corey Bridges speaks about the new Buffy MMO. Also includes more on the unfortunate news that the Firefly MMOG development is being delayed.

Rather than delete your entry about the MMO as that news came out yesteday , I reworked it to make the interview with Corey the main topic. So thanks for finding it as it is a good read.
Buffy in 2D? Am I the only one that's a little skeptical about this? Too bad the Firefly issues couldn't be worked out. I really think I'd have more fun in that concept. Buffy seems a bit too "normal"....

Jeez, what kind of home life do I have if Buffy is "normal".... :P
Well, he sounds pretty cautiously-optimistic about it. Considering how recalcitrant he was in general, I'm inclined to put some stock in the goal of a 2D beta by the end of the year.

(I actually think the idea of having both a 2D and a 3D interface is great. I still like my idea of having the 2D players play vampires (casually, with no real character continuity) and having the 3D players be slayers/good guys.)
I'm kinda slow with this stuff. I'm still mastering my Super Nintendo. What is an MMO? Is it a computer game? Or is it for Xbox and PS3?
Twinkiefoo, an MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online, meaning that it will be a multiplayer game where you can interact and play with or against other players around the world in an online environment. MMO's have long been computer games (lookup Everquest or World of Warcraft), but consoles like XBox and PS3 now have online capabilities and more MMO's are starting to make their way to those realms as well. From what I've heard about Multiverse though, I think it will be a computer-only game. Please someone correct me if I am wrong about that.

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As far as I know the Multiverse 3D platform uses DirectX which is not just PC only but a Windows only graphics API (but since the 2D game is Flash based, any Flash compatible web-browser would do for that).

If he's talking about a beta this year they're presumably fairly far along (not necessarily though - see 'Nukem Forever, Duke' ;) so that already sounds less vapourish than the Firefly game. Could be promising. I'm still struggling to see how the 2D and 3D games will interact though - I mean, wouldn't a 3D player have a huge advantage in combat since they have, y'know, another dimension to use ? You'd just stand into (or out of) the screen and stab them while they stood there - it's like they brought circles to a sphere party ;).
Presumably the 2D-ers would be able to block moves regardless of their, uh... sidewaysiness. Of course, that would actually make 2D easier to fight in.

It depends on the style of the fighty interface, I suppose. It might not require button-mashing at all, in which case its sidewaysism would be irrelevant.

Regarding the interview, he's quite right on that last answer. Less chat, we want screenshots. And maybe beta details.
Yeah, I had actually added this link to the original topic, but as its off the front page maybe it should stay.
More great news! Bring it on, Multiverse!
By 2D I assume it means top-down like the Diablo series, and not side-scrolling?

Because that would be odd...
I can't imagine ever wanting to play a dumbed down version of an MMO through a web browser when I could just play the actual game. The whole 2D/3D thing seems vague and uneccesary. It's also weird he won't explain what you actually do in the game.
Damn. I only have time for one game at a time. It was going to be Firefly.

Bring on Diablo III!
Now what about that other one.
The FUO? Still periodically updating on their Facebook page.

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