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September 05 2008

Angel/Fallen Angel comic book crossover revealed. Peter David says Illyria will be guesting in an upcoming three part story arc. In fact, he posts more about it in the comments section of this very entry.

Many thanks to Corey for the heads up.

I have to catch up with my Fallen Angel reading, I kind of got behind, when they moved from DC to IDW.
Oh no! I hope that's a joke.
Why would that be a joke?

Fallen Angel, from what I've read, seems to be an interesting title. I'll definitely do some backreading on the series to get myself caught up again. Any more Angel characters is good in my mind, and I've always like Peter's take on the characters.
Fallen Angel? My other favourite IDW comic?

It wouldn't be the first character from another book in Fallen Angel. Sachs and Violens are a part of the story.

I'd love to see what Peter does with this.
I think Peter David is an excellent writer. I also really like Fallen Angel, it's a solid series.

I just don't want to see any Buffyverse characters crossing over with other comics. I mean if Joss was doing it, it's one thing, but why dilute the Angel brand, especially with fans already wondering about Joss involvement in future IDW Angel comics post-After the Fall.
Clearly non-canon and therefore I'm uninterested.
Fallen Angel is an awesome book, Peter David is one of my all time favorite comic writers, so I'm totally there.
I've always wanted an Angel/Hellboy crossover. Maybe someday.
Would this be the first official Buffyverse crossover with anything else ever?

Anyhow, Peter David wrote the Illyria one-shot, probably the best Angel thing IDW has put out so far, so I expect this will be good too.
I read Peter David's entire run on Supergirl and I think the plan was, before moving it to IDW, that his Supergirl was going to be revealed as the title character.That changed once it switched companies.

PAD did write the Illyria one-shot that was a part of the Angel:Spotlight series so he has experience with the character.
Would this be the first official Buffyverse crossover with anything else ever?

I think so. I've only ever read the first two trades but Fallen Angel is a cracking read. Also Illyria makes sense crossing over as she is a dimensional traveller.

Clearly non-canon and therefore I'm uninterested.

Sometimes the non-canon stuff is better than the canon.
Especially if people like Peter David are writing it. He and Lynch both NAIL the characters, IMO. Like, figuratively ;). His X-Factor is the only Marvel I'm currently reading and as I was already a big fan of Fallen Angel, this pretty much rocks. My brother just reminded me that I need to go pick up the New Frontier comics which I somehow totally missed (busy couple months...).
Also Spike vs. Dracula was awesome.
Hi. Peter David here. I'd be perfectly happy to answer any questions regarding the Illyria guest appearance in "Fallen Angel." I figure that the members of Whedonesque are the first, best means of getting the word out about the project.

For those unfamiliar with my Whedonosity, I wrote the "Spike vs. Dracula" limited series, the one shot "Spike: Old Times," and the Illyria one-shot spotlight. As far as Illyria's appearance being canon, well, I'll simply say this: I asked Joss personally, face to face, if Illyria could guest star in "Fallen Angel." And he okayed it. So you've got someone with experience writing the characters, and knows and loves the Whedonverse, writing a guest appearance that's being done with the blessing of the show's creator. Make of that what you will.

I was just going to ask in a very casually joking way if this was canon.
Loved your "Many Happy Returns" arc for Supergirl(s), Peter David, and think Illyria's in good hands :)

ETA comma where one should be :D

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Cool, blessed by another purple visitor *waves to Mr Peter David esq*. Just wanted to say I like 'Fallen Angel' and if Illyria appearing is maybe a bit dissonant for me (I thought crossing the streams was bad ? ;), that doesn't mean it won't be cool. And touch wood there won't be any unintentionally silent pages in this one ;).

Must admit I don't really get the non-canonicity turning people off, as long as I know how to think about it as I read - which mental box it should go in - then I don't mind whether it's canon or not, so long as it delivers. Everybody's M Vs though of course.

(and i'd urge folk to read 'Spike vs Dracula' and 'Spike: Old Times', both great reads, both very much capture the voice of Spike IMO)
PAD, welcome aboard. What can you tell us about how Illyria ends up (one assumes, perhaps wrongly) in Bete Noire? Or perhaps about when the crossover occurs since I shouldn't assume it falls into the present for either of them. Should we go ahead and anticipate that there might be some fisticuffs between Illyria and Liandra? :)
The story is set early in Illyria's involvement with Angel & Co. Having been deprived of her power by Wesley, she is drawn to Bete Noire as a potential source for not only becoming what she was before, but even achieving her previous status. Remember, what we see of her in Angel is not her true appearance.

Sounds awesome to me.

Question for Peter. Do you know what issues this will happen in and what month the arc will begin in? From the article, I assumed it was 34-36, though I thought I'd better check.

Also, I've been buying single issues here and there, but I've grown interested in getting the collections. How many issues have been collected into trades so far?

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Wow this sounds amazing to me. I love how the Buffyverse is growing. Comics rock!

It's interesting how this Angel/Fallen Angel crossover will be taking place during AtS season 5. Fascinating addition. From what I've been hearing, Peter David sounds like a talented writer who will give us a great story with Illyria.

My list of comics to buy keeps growing and growing. I'll be starting to buy Fallen Angel whenever I can afford it.

*makes plans to be sexy international jewel thief a la Buffy in Season 8*
Alright PAD. You won me over. I'll happily check it out.
Very interesting...will have to check it out!

Wow, very exciting news! Just imagining the strong-willed personalities of Lee and Illyria colliding... Heh. Heh heh.

And it's also heartening to see that so many Whedonesquers are already reading "Fallen Angel" - it's a great title and it's good to know it's being noticed and appreciated. (And the details about the IDW "Sir Apropos" mini-series in that link are very appetite-whetting, too!)
Although I won't personally consider this "canon" or whatever, this has gotten me interested in Fallen Angel and I'll definitely check out the series now.
Cross-over! Angel & co have now officially entered the comic book realm (no, that didn't simply happen when they first appeared in comic books, silly people ;)).

I might have to actually start reading 'Fallen Angel' now (also because I really liked Peter's work on 'Supergirl' - which I bought by pure chance a few years back, having never even been interested in the character before - and a few other things from his hand). The title wasn't really on my radar before (despite seeing advertisements for it in other IDW books), but it is now and it seems like something I'd like. And here I was, thinking I had no time for more new reading material. You are a bad, bad man, Mr. PAD, making us read new quality fiction. You should be ashamed (or, actually, y'know, possibly not ;)).
Peter David is posting at Whedonesque? How very cool! Now if we can just get J.R.R. Tolkien a membership I'll have all three of my favourite writers at the same place.

Tolkien's what? Really? Dammit!

This is really excellent news though. PAD really has been my favourite comic book writer for almost as long as I've been reading comics. His original Hulk and X-Factor runs are till unbeatable to this day. Seeing the Hulk in specs and pink fluffy bunny slippers is a life changing experience. ;)

Definitely looking forward to this.
The crossover is currently slated for 34-36, but that could change. Once it is definitively solicited, I am sure the fine overseers here at Whedonesque will give you guys a heads up. Right, fine overseers?

:) X-Factor #87 is still one of the best single issues in modern comics, IMO.

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