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September 05 2008

TWoP's six sexiest tv vampires. Half of the vamps on the list are from the Buffyverse!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds Dru sexy.
Dru was both Buffy and Angel.
Dru was one of the sexiest characters on the show! Apart from being gorgeous, she's so deliciously evil!
No surprises for me on this list.
Well she gets a mention Simon, I think the author just likes bodices, of which Dru wore more than Darla (or slightly barmy women maybe ;).
One of the Five Second-Most Attractive Women in the B'verse, with a nod to another one, I feel vindicated.
The one that I would have to include would be Janette from Forever, she does it for me...otherwise hard to argue with the list (if you include Darla)
Well that was pretty much a big duuh ;) Although I'd put Spike first and Angel next to last, just ahead of Barnabas Collins (couldn't really take that seriously) but that's just IMO & personal taste, DB has never appealed to me. And I loved that they put Mick St. John second (bad show? not even complaining, that boy is just gorgeous).
And at last, Dru & Darla (kinda) get recognized. Good vampire fun.
I didn't find Dru all that sexy. Darla, on the hand, particularly on Angel, was very sexy. Also, there were occasions when Harmony was pretty attractive. Normally, not so much, but that outfit she wore in Out of My Mind, yowza.
I didn't find Dru or Darla very sexy at all, but maybe that's because I'm a woman? For that matter, I probably find DB sexier on Bones than I did on BtVS or AtS. Spike, yes, in spite of his peroxide hair. But for a really sexy vampire, I'd have to go with Harry from Blood Ties!
sam, that's a given. And yes, both Dru and Darla tend to draw attention with the YX boys.
I'm usually a dark hair over blonde kinda guy but in this case I'd probably pick Darla over Dru. Only just, mind you. Certainly wouldn't turn either one of them down.

What? Do I look like I have a death wish or something? Like you would dare say no to Darla or Dru! ;)

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