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September 05 2008

Writers Guild of America heads acknowledge the success of Dr. Horrible. In an otherwise depressing article about how the moguls are not living up to the new contract, WGA West president Patric Verrone and WGA East president Michael Winship call Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog one of the "most successful" current new media projects.

The relevant portion of their statement (the rest can--and should--be read in the linked piece by Nikki Finke):

Following the strike, most of us expected that the gains we made in new media coverage would take time to justify the sacrifices, but they already are bearing fruit. Webisodes based on such existing TV series as The Office, Heroes, and Californication are now being written under the new MBA contract and writers working under the PBS contract now are receiving payment for Internet reuse. Original content being created under Guild contracts includes some of the most successful projects, like Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and the most anticipated, including Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.

As business models quickly evolve, it's imperative that writers, who are fast becoming important entrepreneurs in new media, involve the Writers Guilds in making their deals. We can guide and work with you to negotiate appropriate compensation, separated rights, credits, reuse, and other provisions in addition to the benefits already guaranteed by the MBA.

How unfortunately unsurprising. But good to know about, thanks for linking this.
So I guess it doesn't matter if Joss and others think the negotiated contract wasn't good enough. Even if it had been better, the moguls wouldn't be properly paying under it anyway.

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Listen... Do you smell that? I'm sensing sequel storyline developing somewhere...

If Dr. Horrible (incidentally, why is there no beverage with this name yet??) was a representation of a Writer and Captain Hammer was a Producer, then surely the Evil League Of Evil was the Writers' Guild and since Penny was lost in getting the Producer knocked down a peg and the Writer getting into the Guild, then the betrayal of the terms of the new contract would surely be Captain Hammer not having changed, the public swinging back to him and forgetting about Dr. H, and after a brief and unexpected surge of popularity for an unconventional Evil side-project (say, Dr. Horrible's Wonderflonium Energy Drink), the (bad) good Doctor will be back having to do something to prove he's to be taken seriously and possibly trying to get Penny back somehow.
This is why I hope Joss, and everyone involved in Dr Horrible, makes vast amounts of money from it and heralds a trend for many writers to take control of their own works (and financiers to be willing to fund those works) and leave the studios behind.

Hurry up with the DVD Joss! I want to buy one!
Hurry up with the DVD Joss! I want to buy one!
zz9 | September 06, 13:33 CET

Me too! Even though I'm broker than .... um, whatever really broke is, I'd file it under 'supporting a good cause" (and good fun, always a plus).
Hurry up with the DVD Joss! I want to buy one!

I want to buy several - gifts, lending copies... :D
Hurry up with the DVD Joss! I want to buy one!
zz9 | September 06, 13:33 CET

Hehe. Same here. :) Also, have very little money right now and i don't see it changing all that too much but I'd save money for that. :D

And yes, sadly it's not surprising at all that they're not paying like they should. :(
Go WGA leaders! Good luck in finding a SAG we fans can stand for the way we stood for you, though. All they have to do is get unified and ask. There are currently no places to take pizza and bagels and signs.
Dreamlogic, if it all goes off again, get a lightweight table this time! That thing was heavy!

And I'm not sure that fans supporting SAG would have as big an impact as they did during the WGA strike. The studios would expect fans to support famous celebrities, it was the fact that writers had fans that must have shocked a lot of execs.

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