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September 05 2008

Bid for a shoe designed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's all part of Stuart Weitzman's efforts to raise money for research into ovarian cancer. Michelle Trachtenberg has a shoe up for auction as well. Both shoes are signed by the actresses.

Great cause! Kinda' reminds me of Cinderella;)
Many strange shoes. I like Kristen Bell's.
Sarah's and Michelle's are two of the best. They actually look like practical shoes while a lot of the other ones are gaudy or overtly "girly," sometimes both. But my personal favorite is Keifer Sutherland's just because he doesn't come across as the kind of guy who would ever design a shoe let alone be the only one to do so for charity. I also love how "24" it is, hilarious.
I like Michelle's - and Serena Williams's, since I love orange. Some of the other ones show a great use of imagination.
What imaginative groovy shoes! Not very practical. But it's a great idea. I love the designs by Kristen Bell, Christie Brinkley (nicely outragous) and Sarah.
Terrible look.
I like Zooey Deschanel's

Of course not to wear, that would be stupid, and I'm also a man. But in terms of just being awesome in a quirky way, Zooey takes the cake.
I like the very whimsical ones. If you are going to own a shoe you can't wear, it should be as impractical as possible. The elegant ones, like Trump's just says "shoe" to me. That is why SMG's is so interesting.
Really, Lioness? My jaw fell open for Ivanka's. Elegance personified. I also loved Danica Patrick's - It just says fast and sexy to me.

The silly ones just look like junk to me. I'm all for shoe as an art form, but I'm more about the minimalist, I guess.
Well but that is just it. It is an elegant shoe. If I had 2 of them (and a suitable dress,) I could wear them. If I was going to bid on "a" shoe, and presumably display it (what else would one do with something like that?), I want the shoe to say "This is different. I am displaying this for a reason."
That's such a wonderful idea, great use of creativity and I LOVE the fact that Keifer made one, ha ha.
Obviously these shoes haven't been worn by anyone. If they were, I'd want to see Keifer Sutherland in his.
Lioness, we'll always see you as elegant even without the shoes and dress. Oh, wait...

Did I mention a glass slipper?
For the most part, I agree with Willowy, and prefer the more elegant ones (note to self: dude, seriously, you have got to stop PVRing What Not To Wear).

I think many of the shoes are just hideous, even for display purposes. Overall, SMG's strikes a nice balance between good taste and visual interest. Michelle's is okay, but it jumps the shark for me with the sparkle cluster at the tip.
Guys, they all use the same shoe as a base and are decorated to be displayed, not worn. Remember those cows that were being displayed around the US a few years ago? They're kind of like those (as in not REAL cows nor real shoes ;-)...
Yes, OzLady. We know that. We're just saying what we like. Whether or not it's to be worn isn't relevant. We know they aren't to be worn.
What a great cause and I am so glad that all those celebs took the time to do it!
And who cares if some of them are very gaudy; they're fun and let the artist express themselves in a new, creative way!
I love that Kiefer Sutherland is the the only dude to do it!! -even though his shoe is a walking advert for his show :P
The ones I really liked:

Michelle's, very nice...and the one by Ivanka Trump

The ones I still thought would be cool to display:

Sarah's and Kristen's, of course...and the ones by Brooke Shield, Danica Patrick, Denise Richards, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jessica Simpson, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Raver, Rose Byrne, and Serena Williams.

Lioness and OzLady: I understand that these shoes are supposed to be some sort of design art. I know they only come as single shoes. Even if they came in pairs, given who they were designed by, I wouldn't want to wear them anyway--too much risk of damage. (And even if I did, I really don't think they were intended for me. That pesky Y chromosome.) However...

They're also HIGH HEELS. They have a utilitarian purpose as well as an aesthetic one. If I were going to bid on one of these shoes for display, I would want something that was still recognizably a shoe, as opposed to a flower on wheels (Zooey Deschanel) or a very misshapen bird (Rachel Bilson) or a cubist design (Leighton Meester) or a candy store (Blake Lively) or a &#%$@! wedding garden (Ashlee Simpson...argh...).

And my new urgent question: Whatever happened to Leelee Sobieski?
I think many of the shoes are just hideous, even for display purposes. Overall, SMG's strikes a nice balance between good taste and visual interest. Michelle's is okay, but it jumps the shark for me with the sparkle cluster at the tip.

I thought you liked bright shiny things, AlanD. ;) I have to say, if I were going to bid for a shoe to display in my house, it would be between SMG's and Susan Sarandon - or Serena Williams because orange would go with my decor - but SMG's is the one that would mean the most. Unfortunately, I do not have more than the $650 the bid is at currently to spend on two shoes, never mind one I wouldn't be wearing, even for charity! ;)
Easy people, we're just jossing each other after all.

My main concern is whether Willowy's sporting a rocket launcher! Now, that could hurt.
Have to say, I like the more obscure ones! Leighton Meester's is pretty cool, and I think Blake Lively's looks good enough to eat! Yummy! I completely agree that even you are going to have a decorative shoe it should be something quite funky so there is a reason it is displayed. I also really like Chriqui's, Pinkett Smith's (I dunno, it's just crazy!!), King's, Bryant's, Trachtenberg's (although I agree the sparkle tip ruins it), Byrne's (I love this one, it is very pretty), and Deschanel's. I do like SMG's, and, as someone else said, it is the one I would most like coz it is Sarah! But I think Byrne's is probably the most prettyful one. But itis all moo, sine I also have no money to throw away on such frivolous things, no matter how good the cause!!
Oh, and I second the 'Whatever happened to Leelee Sobieski?' I used to really like her and thought she was a big up and comer.
I like Michelle's sho more than SMG's. Both great shoes, but I'd totally go for Michelle's shoe than SMG's.
My vote goes to Eva Longoria Parkers'. It has something of the dominatrix about it!
I dig Rachel Bilson's shoe with the feathers. The Danica, Sarah Michelle, Christie and Eva shoes are cool too.

But I have to go with Nalliac- Zooey Dachnel's quirky and fun shoe is the best!
Ok, I haven't looked yet, but it has to be said, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought it:

Do any of them look like cats? Ones you could strap to your feet and be all fashionable in?

(Come on, someone must have thought it.)
I rather like the Jessica Alba shoe because of the floppy bow and because it looks endearingly tatty.
leenah...I'm ashamed to say I actually WAS thinking that at one point...
SMG should have made a cat shoe. Agreed.

I don't even watch 24 but I love Kiefer's 24 shoe. I would totally buy that.
I really love Kristen Bells shoe.
It's cool that Sarah's shoe has the highest bid (at least right now). Have some Whedonesquers been over there running up the price? ;)
I could spend all day looking at shoes.
Just not some of those ones.

You know, some people really should be banned from using a bedazzler and a hot glue gun. (Yes Simpsons, I'm looking at YOU!)
Wordy McWord, missb, Wordy McWord! :-)

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