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September 06 2008

The Other Firefly Panel Dragon*Con 2008. Whoo-hoo, there was another one with Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin and Nathan Fillion ! Here's Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5. Thank you Gonturan74.

Eh, Alan still believes Joss told him...

Bett posted this on Nathan's little Myspace page.

I was looking for this!

Haven't watch yet, but I saw some pics on Flirck and it was on this panel that Morena confirmed Inara's fate, right?

I was shocked. Didn't expect that at all!
maxsummers: That was actually in the Stargate panel from Monday.
Ohhh, ok.
I'll look for that one then... I wanna watch it.

Inara's secret was revealed at the Stargate Panel. She revealed that Inara was dying which was why she left Serenity to go to the temple.

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"Inara's secret was revealed at the Stargate Panel. She revealed that Inara was dying which was why she left Serenity to go to the temple."

Damn it! You people never heard of spoiler text? Now you've completely ruined the Inara storyline for Firefly season two for me!!!

Kidding, obviously...

Weird but that may actually be the first ever time that I wish somebody actually had spoiled something for me. ;)
The problem with these fan recordings are they are always done from down among the constantly next to the microphone chuckling fans.
Wait, so Inara was dying... what from? And why did she come back? Was she cured? I would gladly watch the panels, but ever since my computer got back from 'fix-it land', it won't play a thing. >:(

Sorry guys, this is the first I've heard of it. :P
@Willowy: She just confirmed that Inara was dying (when asked by a fan). There were not details given--nor did anyone really ask. I think everyone was in shock, quite frankly, and didn't want to take over the Stargate panel with Firefly stuff. ;)

Having heard this with my own two ears (at D*C), I can tell you that I'm STILL in shock. And, very saddened over the news. I know we don't *have* Firefly Season 2, but, that lovely hope of characters continuing is always there for well-written stories.

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