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September 06 2008

YouTube star covers "My Eyes". Lauren (AKA devilishlypure AKA Thursday of the 5awesomegirls) and a friend (ninjapiano) cover the song "My Eyes" from Dr. Horrible.

Loved it! Thought they did a great job and loved how expressive the girl's face was as she sang the NPH part.
That blew me away. Wow, what a treat, thanks for linking.
Ooh, that led me on to other things they've each done - thanks! Excellent stuff.

Great song, great to know everyone is singing along to it. Wish she hadn't had to jump the octaves for Horrible's part but otherwise just joy to watch.
Lauren is also in the wizard rock band The Moaning Myrtles.

This was awesome! Loved it.
Pretty sweet. I've been casually looking around to see if anyone has transcribed some of the tunes to guitar, because I'm too lazy to work them out myself, but this is a pretty basic arrangement, so I'm thinking it might be worth it to just bite the bullet and do it myself.
I enjoyed that.
Nolan, check this out for guitar chords
I would also direct your attention to this spectacular site.

He's not done, but he's got a good number of 'em up, and more are coming.

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Quite impressed with the girl who sang Felicia's part. Lovely voice. You do miss a bit though by having two girls sing the duet. Just easier to distinguish the parts I guess, or something else, I don't know, when you have a guy and gal singing it.
Lauren and Nina (ninjapiano) are the wizard rock band The Moaning Myrtles, so the correct title for this post should probably be "The Moaning Myrtles cover 'My Eyes'"
It'd be quite interesting to subvert it, and have a guy signing Felicia's part and a girl singing NPH's. Not sure if that would work...
Excellent work, but I do think it would have worked better switching the parts. Lauren has a amazingly vibrant voice which I just feel would have been better suited to Felicia Day's part. But even so it's still twenty times better than I could do!
Lauren and Nina (ninjapiano) are the wizard rock band The Moaning Myrtles
Oh, neat! I've never heard them. But of course the only wizard rock band I've heard is Harry and the Potters. I know there are three dozen others.

It'd be quite interesting to subvert it, and have a guy signing Felicia's part and a girl singing NPH's. Not sure if that would work...
Well, I think you'd lose out on the beautiful harmony if Penny was using ASL.
Always glad to see some 5AG love.

Oh, and Polter-Cow. There's over 500 wizard rock bands now.
...Haven't they run out of names? I mean, who's going to go see Pansy and the Parkinsons?
Wow, woke up this morning to see that I had been linked in a comment on Whedonesque and that it had quickly risen to be only second to Google in number of referer entries!

So yes, I am transcribing the sheet music for the songs from Dr. Horrible in full score, and it is as accurate as I can make it without actually watching the actual performers. I'm also arranging it into the standard piano/guitar/vocal reduction as well, and making synth-instrumental covers and karaoke tracks along the way.

Done so far are: Freeze Ray, Bad Horse, My Eyes/On The Rise, Penny's Song, and So They Say. I'm working on Brand New Day right now.

I'd be happy to answer any questions if you're looking to adapt the scores into something playable for your instrument, and I'd love to see people use the scores/tracks to make fan videos or recordings.

Thanks, paradoxmo! My daughter is playing Freeze Ray on the piano from your music as I write. :)

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