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September 06 2008

ComicMix Radio talks the Whedonverse with Joss. He tells us about "A Shepherd's Tale" and why he decided to do Book's story now, saying that he wouldn't want to wait for the sequel even if there were one.

[Which there's not, of course.] The bulk of the info starts at 5:14. They mention the Buffy MMO at 1:44. He also says he's "struggling yet again to get my scripts in" and "I'm a little overextended." Poor Joss! Now get back to work!

Edited to cut down the first para.

I have to get back to work now, so there may or may not be more Whedon info later on in the podcast.
In my head I saw the Mutant Enemy logo going "I'm a little overextended" in his voice instead of "grr, argh".
I think you should put a teensy little camcorder in your head so we can enjoy your psychotic breaks too.
I don't know why that's funny but it is. :D
Lmao... that is great!

Should be its own news post imo.
What Vortigun said.
LMAO that's awesome bix- gave me a huge laugh this morning.
Now that I know what it's referring to, it makes me laugh, but the first time I saw it this morning - without context - I thought somehow Mutant Enemy was overextended financially (possibly due to DHSAB)! Naturally I came here, but at the time I couldn't find anything that related. Glad I am that I was wrong, although I hope Joss can get 'unoverextended' quickly.

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