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September 06 2008

Promo photos for Nathan Fillion's new Castle series.

Capt. looking gooooood!

But if you take him out of the pics I'd never be interested in that series.
I like the nice BROWN leather coat he wears in the cast photo and scenes from the pilot. = )
maxsummer is right. If it weren't for him I'd never even considered checking out the show. Isn't this just another version of Bones, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc.
"Isn't this just another version of Bones, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc."

Do you mean "less canceled"? Then yes.
What I wanna know is, will Stephen King cameo in this? Because if so, I'm so there.
It's supposedly testing well, and ABC is very high on it. So go Nathan.
To Lili: Stephen King is supposed to be making appearances in this show.
If you link on the "Episode Guide", there's a summary of
the Pilot Episode, very non-spoilery.

And yes, his coat is kind of a brownish color...
I wonder if it was on sale?
It amazes me how, after 52 years of watching TV, the networks can come up with an entire cast of people I've never seen on TV before (not counting Nathan of course). Luckily Joss taught me with Firefly that some of the best actors in the world are people I've never seen before, so I'm looking forward to what these people can bring to Castle. :)
Capt, lookin real good lol. I don't know if I'm excited about the show. But I am for him...
CastleTV isn't your site is it BrianDTI?
I thought that it was someone else's, but I could be wrong.

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Isn't this just another version of Bones, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, etc.

Since I watch - and enjoy - all three of those shows, I would probably try this one even if Nathan weren't in it. Cabri, the only other person I recognised was Susan Sullivan from a couple of shows and many guest starring roles. Looking at that cast, I don't think anyone can complain about the strange names on Dollhouse any more. ;)
So the important people get 2 pictures? This is a large cast and it is nice to see an older woman in it. I hope she is playing a well rounded character.
The ONLY thing that attracts me in this series is Nathan. It looks SO boring!
I don't think the show sounds very interesting either, but that doesn't mean anything. It's all in the execution. I mean, I like Friday Night Lights, but if you described it to me, I'd expect to hate it.

We know the leading man is great--if the "Witty Banter" is actually witty, this could be good.
I thought that the choice to capitalize "Witty Banter" was a little odd...
The ex-wife (and current editor) certainly looks.... literary. No doubt she will provide some of the Witty Banter.
It does sound worryingly cheesy, but I'm a bit surprised by the lack of interest in a series based around a writer. I thought this was the home of Writers Rule... it's one of the reasons I love dropping in.
It sounds like a BBC 1 series. Could be great, could be awful.
Site's the same person(s) doing, no?
Oh, he's so gorgeous! Captain TightPants!
The show looks a little iffy on the interesting front, but I expect I'll probs check it out (online since I don't have a TV) just because of the good Captain.
That Molly C. Quinn sure is cute.
b!X, I don't know about but the Castle site does seem to use the same format as some other fansites I've seen that are done by someone else.

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So this show has got Nathan Fillion, the mom from Dharma and Greg, and Hana from Heroes, and that's basically it? I can't help but feel I know Monet Mazur from somewhere.

I'm excited for the concept, and would watch anything with the good Cap'n in it. Hopefully this is the show that finally makes Nathan a bonafide superstar.
Thanks John Darc, I couldn't remember where I had seen the mom before.

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