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September 07 2008

BtVS makes AOL TV's 'Best School Shows of All Time.' Buffy is listed as #3.

Wot, no Grange Hill?
I would have put MSCL as #1, but I have never seen Freaks and Geeks.
And I agree, Buffy had the deadliest and sweetest senior prom ever.
Freaks and Geeks rocked. I never really followed most of the shows in the list, but for tail-end boomers or Atari-wave Gen X'ers, F&G captured the essence of school very, very well.

Veronica Mars should have come in higher than #10, though.
Freaks and Geeks is in the same class as Firefly -- excellent shows that got canceled WAY too soon.
Man. I thought I'd protest Buffy's being number three, but if we're focusing on the part where it was a school show, yes, Freaks and Geeks deserves #1. Amazing television, and one of the few shows whose cancellation I still fume about sometimes (I've gotten over--or at least accepted--Wonderfalls, Veronica Mars, etc.).
Great list. And I agree about Freaks and geeks. One of my all time favorite shows, and still breaks my heart that it didn't go on longer. To this day I'm shocked when I find out someone hasn't seen it. (same as Firefly)
Veronica Mars should have come in higher than #10, though.

Yep, I would put it at number 4, I think. BTW, so glad I actually found something interesting for my very first Front Page story :) So happy to be here.
It's difficult to argue too much with that list. Like Nico-Angel, I have never seen 'Freaks & Geeks' and would have put 'MSCL' at No.1. I would also have found a place for 'Square Pegs'.
I would argue that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is #1. Never heard of those other two shows supposedly "better" than BtVS on the "Best School Show" scale.

Of course, it's vogue to ignore or discount BtVS. Jealousy isn't pretty.
Erm, what? You freely admit that you've never even heard of the two shows rated better, but then claim some sort of authority to be able to dismiss the ratings as simply ignoring or discounting Buffy?

I don't think it works that way. But apparently it's vogue to offer an opinion based on less than half the knowledge required.
Play nice. It's an AOL list about tv shows, not the top 10 amendments to the constitution.
This link made me go and check out the first episode of My So-Called Life, so yay for that. I also watched the first episode of Freaks & Geeks a while ago when a friend of mine recommended it... I plan to go back and finish both of them.

I would have liked Veronica Mars to be a wee bit higher - although perhaps a little like Buffy, school wasn't (always) the most important thing in the show.

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Totally agreed with the Top 3. Mckinley Rocked. `
Am I the one who thinks BUFFY should be in first? Anyway, I loved Freaks and Geeks. Sometimes networks suck.

It's an AOL list about tv shows, not the top 10 amendments to the constitution.

The 21st. Totally.
Veronica Mars not only way too low at #10, but ranked BEHIND Fame? Buffy's placement strikes me as just about right, but seriously...Fame at #8? WAY too high. There ain't no justice, I tells ya.

[ETA: So, I went to Youtube to listen to the Fame theme song, which had begun pounding in my head, in hopes of getting it out. And one of the very first links I found was...something that struck me as ironic, given the thrust of my previous comment. Check it out here. Willow and Dr. Horrible (yes, yes, I know they're castmates on HIMYM, but that's how I think of them) introducing Veronica Mars to perform the theme from Fame. So wrong...yet so right. This must be what serendipity feels like.]

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I would go Buffy, then My So-Called Life, then Freaks and Geeks. All three are awesome.
If I said it once, I'll say it again. This is all subject to someone's opinion. Which is, thankfully, something we all have in common in this room. We love to hear each other's thoughts and mind stays. That little voice screaming in your ear. Are you listening to the angel on your right shoulder or the devil on your left?

BTW, BtVS will always be first in my heart.
No Recess? That's just not on.
Hee. BaFfler, that link to the Fame theme sung by Kristen Bell and introduced by NPH and AH just made my hour.

Also, agreed with Simon that Recess definitely deserves more love in general but especially when talking about shows about school.
I would have switched MSCL and Freaks and Geeks myself, but I was in high scool when MSCL was on so that might have something to with me connecting with it more than Freaks and Geeks. Love them both though. I'm glad BtVS wasn't #1 because only like half the show was in school, but since it was soo good when it was it deserves #3. I probably woulda put VM higher as well. It was nice to see Daria on the list as well.
I love recess. I'm not kidding, I actually DVR it, lol.
Well, all in all that was a pretty good list. Of course, I think that 'Dawson's Creek' should have been on there somewhere and I could have done without 'Beverly Hills 90210' (although it deserves to be in there because of its iconic status, I guess). But any list with a top 3 of Buffy, MSCL and Freaks and Geeks, in any order, is a good one in my book. And if they then know to add Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights (has that been renewed, by the way?), it's all good, really :). At least they didn't add something like 'One Tree Hill' (which isn't that bad, all things considered, but certainly does not belong on any best-off list ;)).
GVH, FNL season 3 is going to be on DirecTV October 1st. It'll run 13 episodes, then in January 2009 or so the 13 episodes will run on NBC. So if you've got DirecTV, Oct. 1st is the date to save.
Ohhhhh school shows... I was thinking how odd that list was before...
Excellent choices... in fact, even if this wasn't about "Best School Shows of All Time", Freaks and Geeks and BtVS would still be on my personal top three all time favorite shows list (coming in at number 2 and 3 respectively). Adolescent angst aside, I'd have to go with the original Twilight Zone for number 1.
Welcome, KariAri!
Best school show of all time? Pfft. Easy. The A-Team. Not so much with the being but with the doing. Don't you dare heave pie, I'll eat it. For the real now, my constitution favors Veronic Mars as a school(less "-ing") centric show. Buffy was so good it sort of elevated above the school and so seems less school-y to me, which is ridiculococcus (welcome to the undefined middle coccus) I understand, but it dug deeper into emotional havens not bounded by school and thus vaulted like a tightly wound ninja beyond the school echelon. And martial arts are not school-y, either. So, V Mars takes it.

Also have never seen Freaks and Geeks, but happy MSCL ranked as high as it did.

Interestingly, I happened to run across that Kristen Bell/Alyson/NPH video on YouTube earlier today while looking up clips from Reefer Madness. :D
Thanks, Pointy!!
-- you know, looking over this list I'm thinking Felicity belongs on a different list - Best College Shows? And if they do that list, Buffy should appear again, I think.
One of these days i'm really gonna have to get around to watching 'Freaks and Geeks'. 'Saved by the Bell' was purest cheese IMO, and not the good cheese either - didn't work for me on any level above "Tiffany Thiessen is teh hotzor".

Wot, no Grange Hill?

Yeah, no love for Tucker over the pond ;).
I've never seen freaks and Geeks (what? when? .... came and went so fast I missed it?) and I don't generally like either "school shows" or sitcoms, and can't tolerate cheese (without irony aplenty). So I've only seen a couple of eps of most of these.

I'd have to go with MSCL for #1, because I still don't think of BtS as a "school show", despite the "High School is hell" metaphor of the first three (out of seven)seasons, which was only one metaphor of many.
Qualifier here: I've never seen Veronica Mars, my local satellite provider didn't/doesn't contract with the WB/CW. (Thus my late-comer status to Jossverse fandom).

But MSCL was unambiguously a "school show", the only really quality High School show ever, IMO.
I would have ranked Degrassi higher, and I don't think it's just my patriotism talking.

Am I the only one excited to see Dobie Gillis mentioned?
After doing the required wiki on Freaks and Geeks, I must admit I am intrigued.

It's good to see Friday Night Lights getting some recognition. It's not just a football show, just like Buffy wasn't just a monster show. I do love the football and monsters though. Ooh they should have a high school show centering on monster slaying football players!
Yay for Freaks and Geeks getting the appreciation it deserves! I also approve of the top 5, except I'd switch 4 and 5. BH 90210 is NOT better than Friday Night Lights. Actually, I'd put FNL at #4, Veronica Mars at #5 and BH 90210 at #10. 90210 is so overrated. Really, it wasn't that good! *nobody believes me*

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2008-09-08 16:04 ]
I haven't even seen 'Friday Night Lights' and I totally believe you ;).
I have seen Friday Night Lights and I totally believe you ;).
Special hoorays for #2, #3, and #14.

It's an AOL list about tv shows, not the top 10 amendments to the constitution.

Can we amend the Constitution to retroactively award Buffy an Emmy? I think getting properly recognized for being awesome is in the Bill of Rights somewhere.
Dudes, I was talking about how bad Beverly Hills 90210 was. Nobody believes me about that!
Yeah, it was in the Preamble:

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

Be it also known here and forthwith that in the future there will be a televisual entertainment medium and that one such presentation or 'program' amongst those programs broadcast will be more deserving than others of garnering awards for achievement in said medium; we, assembled, do swear and affirm that the 'program' in question is entitled 'Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres'.

ETA - ESG - speaking for myself, at least, I was reaffirming the awesomeness of FNL, while also agreeing about 90210. Donna Martin graduates!

[ edited by Simon on 2008-09-08 17:16 ]
Thanks, Simon, for confusing me (and for the tag correction). I went in to edit my post and the tag issue was already edited away. It felt like magic was real for just a minute :)!
That's great. Now all you need to do is learn how to make your f's look like S's and scribble that on some old parchment.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-09-08 17:23 ]
I do that all of the time ;).
I figured if anyone would, it'd be you. Bonus points if you sign it as Fake Thomas Jefferson.
As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I thought "Freaks and Geeks, hands down."
It felt like magic was real for just a minute :)!

Actually, magic is real. And always has consequences, to quote my favorite ever vampire. ;-)

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