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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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September 08 2008

Juliet Landau talks Godhead and Gary Oldman in iF magazine. Very informative article about Juliet's directoral debut and her upcoming 'sophomore' endeavor directing a Godhead music video.

Juliet Landau is neat.
One of the more interesting comments is how she plans to finance the two film projects she's working on:

I am following the same model BUFFY alum Amber Benson did in selling merchandise on the Internet to make her two feature films.

Using the power of Buffy to create new stuff. Good for her (and Amber).
Yeah, bigsofty, that's neat.
This is so great.

I will work with Juliet again without hesitation

I just can’t help thinking though, “Juliet knows Gary Oldman. Juliet knows James Marsters. Juliet needs to get those two in a room together.” -- 'with Joss Whedon' is always the after thought, but even my box of lucky charms has its limits.
Its always nice to hear something new about Juliet : )
I seriously hope Take Flight appears somewhere on a DVD or website, the idea of observing Gary Oldman's creative process is seven kinds of awesome.
I went to high school with Jason Miller, the lead singer of Godhead- and we were in choir together. Even then he had the most amazing voice- a real gift. I remember he was in a heavy metal band then- but you could still hear the gift coming through.
For those in Los Angeles, don't forget the bit about Ms. Landau doing a Q&A with the screening this coming Saturday at Cinespace.
Really envious now. I'm hoping some video of the Q&A will show up, somewhere.
That quote Johnny Weismuller "N'gawa!" I mean, she looks a little plastic in it but that close-up staggered ema bit.

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