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September 08 2008

(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb talks Buffy issue 20. Vampires and Slayers interviews Jeph Loeb, who talks extensively about his season eight issue. (Free reg. required)

The interview was apparently conducted with an air conditioner on, and as a result the first five or ten seconds are nearly incomprehensible (at least to me). After a bit, though, it becomes easier to hear. Some really interesting stuff so far.

Anyone fancy posting a summary for those of us who don't want to register on yet another website which will spam the user with unwanted e-mails?
It is quite hard to understand what they are saying (plus I'm French, so it doesn't help). Mostly, Buffy will be waking up in the world of the animated series in the issue.
Besides the fact that Jeph Loeb supports the campaign to bring back Btas (and believes it is not a stupid idea), the huge information is that there are THIRTEEN scripts ! That means over 4 hour and a half of Buffy sitting somewhere, which is really incredible.
Finally, I would like to add that it seems that the leak and the issue of the comic are both, in Jeph Loeb's mind, part of an effort to create a buzz around the series : in other words, the campaign to revive the series is exactly what he wanted to happen.
BobReturns: I suggest making an anonymous throw-away account on, or some other free web-email site. Takes maybe five minutes. Also, add another user on your system, so cookies won't be cross-linked with your main account. Whenever you encounter one of these "must register" sites you don't care about, use the throw-away account.

This all shows the true value of those ingenious, marketroid inspired, info-gathering web-based databases. Signal to noise is really, really low, but then whoever said understanding statistics was a requirement to go into marketing?
If you're a Firefox user and want to avoid compulsory registration, you can download the free extension "BugMeNot." For more information on this extension, click here. It's a very popular extension and has been updated to work with Firefox 3.
I just gave it a fake address ( or something) it doesn't check it out, so you can walk into it. Not worth it until they put the transcript of the conversation up (later this week so they say).
To All Who Have Visited Vampires & Slayers,

My name is Ed Gross and I'm an entertainment journalist, and have been since 1985. The Vampires & Slayers online community has grown out of my love for the genre, which started back in the 1960s with the original Dark Shadows (I was eight when I discovered the show and the idea of vampires).

There is no corporation behind the site, just me and a technical adviser. I'm not looking to spam anybody -- in fact, the only messages people have gotten from me have been announcements of new interviews and a contest we were running.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear up the situation. Oh, and I'm sorry for the sound quality of the Jeph Loeb interview. I messed up on that one.


Would love a transcript. Anyone got enough free time on their hands? Pretty please? I'll pay you with... kudos...?
@MacGuffin Thanks for the heads up on the BugMeNot extension - looks really useful.
Thank you for the interview, RetroEd, and welcome!

ETA: Back!

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Here's a link to a transcript posted by Emmie (who started the online petition) on :
And, if you want to suppport the animated series, sign the petition !
Hi guys, here's the clickable link to the transcript = Transcript

The audio quality on this interview is headache-inducing, so I hope this helps :)
This has so many possibilities. Since Buffy's visiting the past, I can imagine her thinking, "Maybe I can change the future, save Mom by getting her better treatment, save Ms. Calendar by not sleeping with Angel, save Tara when she eventually shows up and thus keep Willow from going dark, etc., etc."

Then everything goes wrong, as in, nobody will change. Nobody will listen.

Of course, it sounds like Jeph's going for a more Pleasantville idea, where it's the "perfect, ideal Sunnydale," complete with "I'm an animated cartoon."
It reminds me of that time travel story Jane Espenson did for one of those Tales of The Slayer books. I wonder if she revamped the concept for the animated series.
As we have always said, the campaign to bring back the Animated series would be a success even if we don't bring back the animated series in an animated form. A scriptbook, or a comic book series would be great, even if the anime would be the best.
Thanks, Emmie. Sweet stuff, and I can imagine a single issue will be "Good, they didn't over-milk this" perfect.

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