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September 08 2008

Hinton Battle lined up to co-direct screen version of "Evil Dead: The Musical." Our very favorite singing tap dancey demon is part of a team that's in negotiations with original film director Sam Raimi to bring the stage version of his much beloved "Evil Dead" trilogy to the big screen in 3-D.

Hinton was the choreographer of the original stage production. Only one word can describe this news, "Sweet," or maybe "Groovy."

Oh, that's pretty awesome. I saw the musical a couple months ago, and it's very fun. I don't know that a movie can capture the experience. There won't be a Splatter Zone! But the 3-D could help. Hee.
Didn't we know this already?
It had better star Ryan Ward, or I'm not going.

I love the play.
In a word: Groovy.

Am I the only one who thinks Nicholas Brendon looks like a young Bruce Campbell?
This is my favorite Whedonesque post title ever. It's just so right, and in so many ways.
I don't know if this will top "Repo: the Genetic Opera", but I'll give this a whirl...especially if they do this in 3-D.
*phew* Hoping this report that it's the original cast is correct. Ryan Ward IS musical Ash.

I've thought the same thing more than once.

Hmm. Xander with eyepatch = cool.

Xander with eyepatch and chainsaw-hand = MADE OF EPIC, HUMONGOUS WIN.
Didn't we know this already?

The musical is old news but that there's a movie in talks is brand freaking new.
That... is strange.
The show was so brilliant! And if they cut "What the F*** was that?" I will be devastated.
As someone who saw the musical 3 times since it first started 5 years ago, I'm not sure how it would translate. A lot of the charm and humour came from cheap cheesy stage props.

Sure 3-D helps for the lack of splatter zone, but still doesn't compare to watching the first three rows get soaked with fake blood (each time I saw it, more fake blood was added).

Still, there's been talk of a Evil Dead remake for ages, yet it doesn't seem to have materialized so, not sure if this will manage to get off the ground either.
EvilElecBlanket: I believe there was a segment of fandom that lobbied hard for Bruce to be cast as Xander's Uncle Rory. Would've been a genius bit of casting.

Doubleplusgood on Sweet being involved in an Evil Dead musical movie, too.
I can't picture Ash being played by anyone other than Bruce Campbell...
Wild. I still remember when the musical was playing out of tiny Toronto venues.
A 3-D musical -- why didn't anyone think of this before?
This is awesome. I've never gotten to see the show, but the soundtrack was very funny.
EVtM was the most fun I've ever had at the theaters. Although I'll miss the splatter zone, I'm really glad that now the masses can enjoy it.
I'm so much less a geek that I once thought, I didn't have a clue there was a musical Evil Dead. But it sounds like all kinds of fun.
Link to The musical's homepage which will also explain why I find the title of Joss and Drew's new film so amusing.

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