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September 09 2008

Harry Lennix in 'Little Britain USA' trailer. If his name doesn't quite ring a bell, it will in January when you see him play Boyd in Dollhouse.

Doesn't seem to be any official word on whether Tony Head will be appearing in Little Britain USA.

I said it before, but the casting for Whedon shows is just superb. They always seem to nail my (and a lot of people's) taste.

I loved Lennix's minor minor work on the early years of ER and I love his episode of House. I'm really excited to see him on Dollhouse.
Head probably won't be in it; apparently Walliams' character has (inexplicably) become the British prime minister (Lennix is presumably the US President here).

(Well I say inexplicably but then I think about the guy we've currently got in charge and it doesn't seem so ridiculous)

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