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July 21 2003

BtVS wins TCA's prestigious Heritage Award, The award is given to a show "that has transcended its medium to profoundly impact on society or culture". It was accepted by Nick Brendon and Emma Caulfield.

There's the usual bitchy comments from the press about the show receiving the award here and here.

"'s hard to believe that "Buffy" will leave an indelible mark on American culture like '60 Minutes'."

I don't think Vince Horiuchi and I are on the same planet. 60M may have had cultural impact 20 years ago, and introduced the "news magazine" format of television which has been often repeated since, but it hasn't recently done any cultural impact outside television. Whereas Whedon's works have and will continue to impact outside occasional little one hour stints. It has had many copycats since its inception. It's affected the internet community, and revitalized a stagnating genre fan convention circuit. It's Monday morning and the caffeine hasn't kicked in. I'm sure there are other ways but they're not coming to me yet.

"This is the first award this show has received in seven years," is a little presumptuous of Brendon. BtVS has been nominated and has recieved many awards over the years, including Saturn Awards, Golden Globes and Hugos. It has been nominated for countless Emmys, and even won two. Joss was nominated for his writing on Hush. Christophe Beck has won an Emmy for his music on the series. And the makeup crew once one an Emmy.
Not that I presume to know Nick Brendon or anything but I'm guessing that he was joking when he said it. And this is probably the highest accolade the show as a whole has ever gotten and probably ever will.
Nice to see BtVS get a bit of the recognition it deserves.
I think hindsight will bring it even more recognition, something as good as BtVS will not fade away as do shows without substance after they end.

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