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September 09 2008

The IT Crowd want Mutant Enemy's help. "THE IT CROWD" is a UK show about geeks and nerds on Channel 4. They want to reference Doctor Horrible by set dressing themselves with Horrible things for filming series 3, but need to get permission. Edit: Thank you, Jed - help is at hand. The show, in case anybody is wondering.

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That sort of approach leaves me somewhat cold. If they can't get in touch with Mutant Enemy, then get in touch with Joss' agent or something like that but don't spam fansites. I just see that sort of thing as "HEY JOSS".
I tend to agree with Simon, but I'd be exponentially excited about any IT Crowd/Dr Horrible crossover!
I agree too Simon usually, but in this case I suspect they are hitting a brick wall which probably shouldn't be there. I.e. they don't know who to contact (or they've gone to the wrong person).

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Also I'm bitter about them never resolving the cliff hangers at the end of series one.
Screw DR Horrible, can't they get James Marsters for a cameo or something instead? D=
Why do they need permission? Isn't parody fair use? Do people need to call Lucas everytime they reference Star Wars?
I don't see anything in his post about "permission", just that he's looking for set dressings. I'm guessing they want props from Dr. Horrible and stuff?
Do people need to call Lucas everytime they reference Star Wars?

I think Family Guy and Robot Chicken had to get permission from Mr Lucas to do their parodies (though I could be wrong).
Yeah I'm a little lost as to what it is they think they need to contact ME for. But at least it isn't stalker humor.

Also, I'd like to suggest they don't follow the suggestion of one of the commenters over there and try to talk to "Jedd", who doesn't exist.

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Ooh. I'd watch that. heh. Though we'd have to get through ses. 2 here first. We just finished ses. 1.

But that sounds awesome. :D

I love this show, by the way. It did an episode which included a parody of studio scare tactics on piracy, which ended in the viewer being shot by the FBI. Uhm, it's a lot more funny when you see it.

With regards to UK copyright law (where this is shot) - I don't think we have a parody clause.
Nope, we don't (the Gowers Report recommended it but no news so far - haven't read it BTW, having unfortunately topped out my quota of incredibly boring 150 page government documents with the milk subsidy recommendations).

Still, good to see it resolved and also good to hear they're making a third series. Maybe Moss will come to work dressed in a lab coat and goggles ? ;)
This made me have a nice chuckle, thanks gossi! Will definitely watch this. Love the IT Crowd!
I love the IT Crowd so i am very pleased that they want to have Dr Horrible refs in there!

I love Moss.

That episode is my favourite! 0118 999 881 999 119 725...3!

Plus, Danny Wallace is in it. Bonus!
Wait, Danny is in it?
Two of my very favourite things in the same place at the same time. I smell awesomeness, and plenty of it. Please let it happen!

(Have to admit, though, prefered the first series to the second, because of Chris Morris. Because he's, you know, Chris Morris.)

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Would love this to happen but is anyone going to 'get' the joke? Not many people have seen Dr Horrible, seems like its going to confuse a lot of people.
Not many people get the RTFM tshirts and such, Dave. Which is what makes it awesome.
I love the IT happy it's back for a 3rd season!will be lookin out for the Horrible references
IT Crowd is awesome. And I dare say, a lot of their viewers WILL have at least heard of Dr.H even if they havent watched it.

My favourite thing to come out of IT Crowd?

1. Have you tried turning it off and on again? (Setting that up as their voicemail is just brilliant)
Kev - yep, Danny's in episode 2. Very briefly. Near the end.

He didn't speak.

If you type "Google" into Google, you will break the internet.
I'm still a little stuck on fair use in the UK. Simon Pegg in Spaced ripped on Phantom Menace, and he reenacted the ending of Empire Strikes Back. All of that got approved by Lucas? Hmmm.
The IT Crowd is one of my favourite shows of the last few years. Who cares if their approach to Mutant Enemy is unorthodox? You get nothing by not asking or trying - that's for sure. Can't wait to see the result.
TV shows in the U.K tend to be made by small production companies and then sold onto a television channel. So it's entirely likely that a team of only 10-15 behind the scenes staff are working on it.

So it's sort of like expecting some dude writing a music blog in Finland to have Axl Rose's phone number.
Lucas was involved with the Robot Chicken special. He approved almost all of the jokes (one of the only things he changed was to have a swear replaced with something more Star Warsey).

The I.T. Crowd is amazing and I'm glad that there's going to be a series three. Now if only they could get through the brick wall of making the show available to Americans, we'd be set.

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I'm still a little stuck on fair use in the UK. Simon Pegg in Spaced ripped on Phantom Menace, and he reenacted the ending of Empire Strikes Back. All of that got approved by Lucas? Hmmm.

Yes he did.

As Pegg relates it in the commentaries, they couldn't do everything they wanted for S1, but after that (after TPM came out) Lucas said they could use what they want as long as they weren't derogatory...."but we just were anyway".
Thanks, ZodKF, that's interesting trivia. Also interesting that Pegg didn't do what Lucas asked.
I saw an interview with Seth McFarlene, the creator of Family Guy, where he said that he had all Star Wars related jokes on the show approved by Lucas for fear of being sued. When it came time to do the Blue Harvest special Lucas was a fan of the previous jokes and allowed McFarlene to use the official score and sound effects. By the way, a sequel to Blue Harvest is airing on FOX sometime this season.

I'm fairly certain you don't have to get permission to reference movies, shows, etc. as long as they're parodies. It seems in Hollywood it's best to take the "better safe than sued" approach.

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