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September 09 2008

The field is narrowed so vote for Buffy in the second round of Emmy's Most Memorable Moments. Apparently Buffy is in the top 10 in the running for "Most Dramatic Moment" in history. "The Gift..." Buffy's been robbed enough Emmys!

But... but... but City on the Edge of Forever! ... OK, I voted for Buffy.
i wish we could see the results so far!
I can't seem to get a vote in. I don't know what it is about this site, but it doesn't seem to want to load the right way.
The music in that Mulder/Scully scene was hauntingly beautiful, had forgotten about it. I was expecting them to use the "Millenium" kiss maybe.

Give it to Buffy. It's time and that clip will be so "wtf" for the average TV viewer who has no clue about Buffy, it'll amuse me to see it played during the Emmys (I'll actually watch the Emmys this year. I seem to keep being home on Oscar night, but not for the Emmys for years now. The Golden Globes yes, Emmys no).
Ooh, there're some good chances Buffy will be in the top 5. Vote people !
Friends is also in the top 10 comedy, yeah !

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That scene still makes me cry.

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If we fans rally enough we should be able to give Buffy the nod. Keep voting fellow Whedonites!!
This has already been posted a few times so don't be surprised if it gets deleted.
This is the first post of the top 10.
Kinda' curious why ABC was hosting this?
I'd be curious to know where exactly Buffy is in the top 10. I really hope it wins. Buffy deserves it, especially after all the emmy's the show was robbed of in the past. Kuddos to Buffy! I know I will continue to vote. May Buffy take home the final victory!
Madhatter, ABC is broadcasting the awards. This is a stunt to get folks to actually watch it.
remember. you can vote often
I have to say again how I would've loved it if they'd extended that amazing clip to include the others. The scene with them looking on at Buffy's dead body was hauntingly beautiful. All you need is their expressions to get the magnitude of what had happened – James’ teary scene always clenches it for me. Two more seconds and I would’ve bawled my eyes out! (I am not an easy person to get teary on shows)
Well, I've met the guy who wrote City On The Edge Of Forever and I've met the guy who wrote The Gift.

So, who to vote for, who to vote for...

Okay, I voted for the Gift.
Bruce, I'm with you. "Mommy?" tears me up just at the memory of it. This, not nearly so much.

But Mirage, if this clip's the choice, then I'm with you. Needed the next few seconds, particularly Spike's reaction.
The most shatteringly astoundingly brilliant moment for me in TV history, when you realize that Buffy HASN'T won, despite her heroic efforts...that the dimensions will melt, all hell will be unleashed...and then she understands how to stop it...the incredibly beautiful monologue with Dawn and the voiceover...and then, the perfect gift that is her death.

Spectacular. An epic end to, for me, the perfect Buffy season.

Have watched it dozens of times, am shaken to my core every time I see it.

First time I saw it I was uber-overwhelmed.

Yes, the scene where they are all looking at the broken, bloody and dead body of the's a Renaissance painting, just gorgeous, simply amazing.
I revised the link title to emphasize that this Emmy vote is not like all other Emmy votes . . . OK, it's thin, but I think it's a good enough cause to stay up. Anyone know how many rounds there'll be of this?
"Mom? Mom... Mommy?" -Drama Drenched. All the way to the bones.
Um, the winner doesn't get an Emmy, right?
I agree they should have included the scene with the other's reactions. That was heartbreaking. Wow, with this & Neil's nomination I'm actually going to have an interest in the Emmys this year. That's very unusual. I have my fingers crossed!
D'oh. Good catch, jam2 . . . amended.
Needed the next few seconds, particularly Spike's reaction.
Yeah, it's Spike that does me in every time.
I'm sorry, but this is the first I'm hearing of an Emmy for most memorable moment. Is this for real?

Isn't this completely absurd? This is so completely subjective, and weird to pit Lost against Dallas. Who can properly judge a "moment"?

If I've read it wrong, and this is just fan voting, then it's fine and dandy. Just....don't go around giving these BS emmys. The Emmys have enough trouble remaining relevant.
No, this isn't a vote for an Emmy, John Darc. You may have been mislead by an earlier captioning error. Ahem. I understand this all to mean that the biggest vote-getter gets screened at the Emmys as the "Most Memorable Moment" of Drama/Comedy, not that it gets an Emmy itself.
Voted for Buffy. Again.

It appears the Beatles on Ed Sullivan didn't survive the comedy category--because they didn't freaking label it "comedy/variety"--so M*A*S*H got my vote there.
The MASH clip isn't even comedy. South Park FTW.
I hate the clip they chose for Brian's Song. They should have used to part where Gale Sanders gave his award speech and told everyone he loved Brian and to "please ask God to love him". That's the part of the movie that sticks out in my mind.

So...I voted for Buffy.
Yup, Buffy.

The choices on the comedy side are much harder. I went with Newhart because in a hundred years they'll still be calling it one of the best ever ends to a series.
I just cannot bring myself to vote for any of them since I think all of the drama choices are kind of silly. When you take a moment out of the context of the episode it just loses all the effect and emotional power to me. Even the Buffy clip looks ridiculous with the way they edited it. If you have never seen Buffy, you wouldnt watch that scene and think "Oh man, what have I been missing all my life??" and IMO everyone should feel that way about Buffy if they have never seen it :). And I am a pretty hard core X-Files fan, but THAT scene? I feel like when they show these clips at the Emmy's its probably just going to be boring and/or confusing for anybody that hasnt actually seen the entire series from any of those shows. And the clips will be old news to any of the people that actually cared enough to vote.
This clip doesn't work. This part isn't what made this scene so heartbreaking. It was the rest of the cast reacting that made it work.
This part of it was a bit weak.
If anyone wanna come to a irrelevant pool in Brazil about the 100 sexy women made by a magazine, where Sarah is running, it's just choose her ballon, write the code and click in "Enviar votos" (Send votes). The following page don't need to be filled.
I saw a couple of people complaining that the site won't load right on their system... I was having the same issue until I updated my Flash Player. URL is:
Whedonesquers keep the voting going - would be great to see Buffy get the recognition it deserves!
Seen Buffy. Love Buffy. Vote Buffy.
Just a reminder, we still have a couple more days to vote.

dpwac, the URL you posted didn't work for me, but I got it at "adobe flash player download" (that's how I entered it.

I've been having trouble keeping my flashplayer updated ever since I got my new computer, Vista seems to have a problem with it and I haven't yet figured out exactly what it is.

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