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September 09 2008

Angel: After the Fall volume 2 HC released today! Courtesy of Brian Lynch. Looks gorgeous.

Although Amazon says it's not available until the 29th. IDW's website, however, says it's out tomorrow. Guess we'll have to check out the bookstores ourselves...

The first one was lovely, it put Marvel and DC to shame.
Shite, this was meant to be a cheap weekend too. Might put it off, might not be able to resist.

Amazon almost always lists later release dates for trade paperbacks BTW dstroyer, certainly with 'Y: The Last Man' you could usually buy them from your Local Comic Shop upto a month earlier.

ETA: Or trade hardbacks for that matter ;).

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WTH is this Groosablog I keep reading about?^^

Btw does anyone know anything about Buffy Season 8 Hardcovers?
Does anyone know about Angel paperbacks? :)
Amazon has 'Angel: ATF' Vol. 1 out in paperback on 29th January '09 (which means you'll probably be able to buy it a few weeks earlier), not sure about Vol. 2.

Didn't they do one Buffy hardback as a sort of thanks to the retailers ? Seem to remember a few floating around on eBay but AFAIK there're no plans currently to bring the entire "season" out in hardback. Holding off on the trades though, just in case.
Scott Allie talked a little while ago about collecting all 40 issues of Buffy in a hardback. At least I'm sure he talked about collecting them all together. I'm a little less sure he said hardback
There absolutely needs to be a hardback version of Buffy Season 8, in my opinion. I'd actually prefer a three volume set, collecting so many issues each, rather than a single 40 issue book.

Be even cooler if they could somehow create them in the style of a DVD season boxset. Or am I just being picky now? ;)
40 issues in one hardback would be quite a tome, the 'Runaways' hardbacks only have 18 issues per for instance and they're still pretty hefty ('Ultimate Spider-man' usually has 13 issues per - lovely - hardback IIRC).

If they're set on 40 issues for "season 8" then i'd say spreading it across 2 or even 3 volumes makes more sense personally.
Hope everyone that buys it, digs it. Thank you guys!
This is going to be even better than the first one because I haven't read the issues yet. Off to the LCS tomorrow.
Let us know what you think, jcs, once you get it.
I'm so excited to pick this up! The cover looks magnificent.
Waiting for the HC to get shipped to France :)
The presentation of the first volume was superb in terms of quality and the extras were all top notch. I'm really looking forward to getting this second volume, although I shall have to wait a while, having ordered through Amazon.
Was anyone able to find this at Barnes and Nobel today by any chance?

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